Walton Goggins found it difficult to 'just be a civilian' after dramatic “Fallout” transformation

Goggins narrates his own transformation for the series in an interview with EW.

Warning: This article and video contains spoilers from Fallout season 1.

How can you be a real person again after playing the Ghoul of Amazon Prime Video's post-apocalyptic Fallout series?

That's the question Walton Goggins had to answer for himself, having undergone quite the transformative prosthetics experience that lasted about 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on set. He does clarify, "I'm an actor, these are prosthetics. Let's be real: it's not torture."

"The thing I was most surprised about was the first day I played Cooper Howard," Goggins tells Entertainment Weekly in a video interview, referring to the Ghoul's pre-radiated self before he underwent a nuclear transformation. "I was only in the chair for five minutes, but when I walked out, all of a sudden I felt like I didn't have my superhero costume on."

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Walton Goggins transforms into the Ghoul of 'Fallout'
Walton Goggins transforms into the Ghoul of 'Fallout'

"I felt very vulnerable, to be quite honest with you," he continues, "because you got used to this barrier between yourself and the world, and it was very easy to be in the head of the Ghoul. Once that [prosthetic] came off, I found it difficult initially to just be a civilian."

Goggins narrates his own Fallout transformation video (above) as he walks EW through each step of the prosthetic application process to transform him into the standout character from the series.

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Prior to the Great War of 2077, the cataclysmic event in the world of Fallout that devastated the entire globe with a series of nuclear explosions, Goggins' Cooper worked as a film actor. After nuclear fallout, the exposure to radiation mutated him into the Ghoul, a noseless, scarred bounty hunter. He crosses paths with Lucy (Ella Purnell), one of many survivors who had been enjoying life in a luxury Vault shelter, now forced to the surface to rescue her father.

<p>Courtesy of Prime Video</p> Walton Goggins in 'Fallout'

Courtesy of Prime Video

Walton Goggins in 'Fallout'

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"I read this article where Jim Carrey talked about his experience on The Grinch and getting these torture experts to come in and coach him through that experience," Goggins recalls. "I wish I had read that article before I did Fallout!"

Amazon eagerly renewed Fallout for season 2 after a stellar first run that was both critically and commercially acclaimed, so Goggins will be back in that makeup chair before he knows it — and he can get himself his own torture experts.

Watch the full transformation video above.

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