PlayStation Hero Shooter Concord Follows Helldivers 2 With $40 Price Tag

Screenshot: Firewalk Studios / Sony / Kotaku
Screenshot: Firewalk Studios / Sony / Kotaku

Concord, Sony’s next big live-service video game, will apparently cost $40 according to a pre-order page found on the PlayStation store in Australia. This puts it in the same price range as Helldivers 2 and seems to be another sign that Sony’s live-service titles won’t all be free-to-play like Destiny 2.

Concord, the debut game from Firewalk Studios, was first announced in 2023 during a large PlayStation showcase. That initial trailer didn’t show much, and many might have forgotten about it until May 30's State of Play event, where the online shooter kicked the whole show off with a somewhat generic-looking cinematic and some gameplay that didn’t win over the internet. During that event we learned the game is a live-service 5v5 hero shooter set in a new sci-fi universe. And now we know that this new FPS from Sony is (likely) going to cost $40.

As spotted by Insider Gaming on June 5, a PlayStation Store page in Australia went live and revealed the price of Concord’s base edition and its fancy special edition. The standard edition will cost $60 AUD or about $40 USD. That version only includes Concord and nothing else. Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe Edition costs $95 AUD ($60 USD) and includes early access to the game and a bunch of extra cosmetics and skins.

Concord, which is planned to launch on August 23 for PC and PS5, seems to be following a similar playbook to Helldivers 2, Sony’s massive hit from earlier this year.

That online sci-fi co-op shooter also sold for $40 and also launched on PC and PS5, too. It seems Sony’s hope is that the lower price point will entice more players to give a live-service shooter a chance. It also, hopefully, means the game won’t be filled with a bunch of free-to-play nonsense and grinding, something Helldivers has mostly avoided since launch.

Of course, I’ve already seen some people shocked that Sony is charging money for Concord at all, which isn’t surprising considering the reaction the game got online. It also appears, as revealed by a different leak, that the real star of last week’s PlayStation event—Astro Bot, launching later this year—will likely cost around $60 to $70. Keep in mind that none of these prices are verified by Sony yet or confirmed for the US versions of either game. Things could change.


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