How Does 'A Quiet Place: Day One' Connect With 'A Quiet Place'?

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How 'Day One' Connects with 'A Quiet Place'Paramount Pictures

[Warning: Spoilers for all of the A Quiet Place movies ahead, including A Quiet Place: Day One.]

While many disaster movies and horror films start at the beginning when the world-changing or scary events start happening, 2018's A Quiet Place follows a family once things have already gotten really, really bad. Aliens who hunt humans by sound are already on Earth, many people have already been killed, society has collapsed, and the Abbott family is trying to survive by staying a quiet as possible. Of course, this premise begged a lot of questions, including, What the hell did people do when aliens who hunt humans by sound first arrived on Earth?! Surely there's a story there!

Well, A Quiet Place: Day One, which hit theaters June 28, tells that story. The movie, which is described as both a prequel for and a spinoff of the main A Quiet Place series, focuses on Samira aka Sam (Lupita Nyong'o), who is unrelated to the Abbott Family, on the day that the aliens arrived. And while the story as a whole obviously connects to the story in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II—which was also about the Abbott Family—there's one overlapping character who provides some pretty important insight.

A Quiet Place: Day One is a prequel.

A Quiet Place: Day One is centered around Sam, a cancer patient with a terminal diagnosis, who visits New York City with a group from her hospice care center, which is located just outside the city. While there, a bizarre event occurs that looks like a meteor shower, but is actually human-killing aliens arriving to Earth. People soon realize that the aliens are sensitive to sound, so staying quiet is very important to survival—and hard to do, especially in a city of 8 million people who are suddenly under attack by mysterious creatures.

Sam ends up bonding with a British guy named Eric (Joseph Quinn), and they work together to get Sam to Harlem—along with her cat, Frodo—where she wants to revisit places she went with her dad when she was young. Let's get spoiler-y. You wouldn't be here if you cared. Sam already knows she's going to die, either from her medical diagnosis or the aliens. So, she decides to go out doing what she wants. Eric sticks with her as long as he can before fleeing on a boat. (This is important and we'll come back to the boat in a bit.)

It's also a spinoff.

None of the characters from the Abbott family are in A Quiet Place: Day One. As was shown in a flashback at the beginning of A Quiet Place Part II, the Abbotts were at a baseball game near their home in upstate New York when the aliens arrived. Day One is really Samira's story.

And one character overlaps.

There is one character who is in both A Quiet Place Part II and A Quiet Place: Day One, though. In A Quiet Place Part II, there is an unnamed character played by Djimon Hounsou, who is the leader of a colony of survivors who made it to an island. There, they were safe—at least for a time—because the aliens can't swim. Hounsou's character is killed in Part II. But! He is featured in Day One as Henri, someone Sam comes into contact with when the disaster strikes. Toward the end of the film, Eric boards a boat to flee Manhattan, and it's a boat that Henri is also on. Since it is established in Part II that the boat that Henri was on successfully made the escape, this means that Eric also survived. Pretty cool!

There's more A Quiet Place on the way.

A Quiet Place Part III, which continues the main story, has already been announced and is scheduled to premiere in 2025. Michael Sarnoski, the director of Day One, teased that his new movie could also get a sequel.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about Eric, Henri, and the others on the boat they left on, Sarnoski said,"I mean, definitely a good portion of those people probably ended up on the island that we see in Part II of A Quiet Place. I think there’s a good chance that they’re there, and definitely there’s a good chance we’re going to see them again."Asked he was teasing a sequel, he added, "I just think they did an incredible job. And I think Paramount would be really happy to see where they ended up. I don’t think there are any super specific plans. But I would not be surprised if that happens. So that’s a very loose, unofficial sequel tease."

Do I need to have seen A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II to understand Day One?

You can certainly understand Day One without having seen the other movies. I mean, the premise is just that terrifying aliens show up and start causing destruction. But, you'll get more background on the way the aliens behave and just how sensitive to sound they are if you watch the other two movies first. You could also watch them after Day One to see how it all goes down chronologically. The choice is yours. But also, if you made it this far into reading, then you kind of know everything and don't care about spoilers, anyway, do ya?

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