Cate Blanchett Explains Why She's In The Borderlands Movie

Image: Lionsgate / Gearbox
Image: Lionsgate / Gearbox

It always seemed a bit weird that famed, Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett decided to be a part of the Borderlands live-action movie. Now we know the story of how this odd casting happened and it seems we can blame covid-19.

In May 2020 it was first reported that Blanchett was in talks to star in the upcoming Borderlands movie. Directed by Eli Roth and also starring Jack Black and Kevin Hart, the live-action adaptation of Gearbox’s popular looter shooter series seemed like a strange choice for the renowned actress. What was it about the troubled development of Borderlands and Lilith—her character in the film—that attracted Blanchett? Some theorized she was looking for a big paycheck. Others suggested she was secretly a Borderlands sicko. But the actual truth is that during the pandemic lockdowns, being cooped up and not working started taking a toll on her, and she took the job.

As explained in a new online excerpt from a feature about the Borderlands film in Empire, Blanchett says that she enjoys “crazy” roles that people wouldn’t expect her to take. However, she also suggested a bit of “covid madness” was involved as well.

“I was spending a lot of time in the garden, using the chainsaw a little too freely. My husband said, ‘This film could save your life,’” said Blanchett.

Funnily enough, the previously mentioned report claiming she was in talks to star in the film (which ended up being accurate) was from May 2020, just a few months into the global lockdowns happening due to the pandemic. So this all tracks. Honestly, it makes more sense now that she said yes to Borderlands because she was stuck in her house for months and was losing her mind.

According to Empire, to get prepared for the role Blanchett got a PS5 and started playing the games. She also got “absorbed” into the Borderlands community, looking at cosplayers and super fans online. And hey, she seems to have had a good time making the film, telling Empire: “The gun-slinging stuff was so much fun.” So that’s nice. Now, I wonder if Jamie Lee Curtis—who is also in Borderlands—can similarly blame Covid-19 for taking the role.

Borderlands hits theaters on August 9 and doesn’t look good.


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