Buddy Valastro’s 4 Kids Are All Grown Up in Joint Interview: 'I Just Couldn't Be Prouder'

Buddy Valastro and his wife Lisa share four kids together — Sofia, 21, Buddy Jr., 19, Marco, 17, and Carlo, 13

<p>DISNEY/Jeff Neira</p> The Valastro family

DISNEY/Jeff Neira

The Valastro family

It’s always a family affair for the Valastros!

Fresh off his Daytime Emmys win, Buddy Valastro was joined by his wife Lisa and their four kids — Sofia, 21, Buddy Jr., 19, Marco, 17, and Carlo, 13 — at the Tamron Hall Show on June 11, where the crew shared some adorable anecdotes about their famous dad.

Hall kicked off a “rapid round” of questions with the Valastro kids, starting with the question: “Is dad funny?” Without skipping a beat, Buddy Jr. responded, “Yeah!”

The talk show host turned up the heat when she followed up with, “Is dad funnier than mom?” Marco didn't hesitate to answer — even with his mom right in front of him. "Yes, 100%,” he said. As Buddy clapped his hands together in amusement, the high school junior made a quick save, “Not that mom isn’t funny, but...”

“When you have to ask and you have a choice between asking mom or dad, who do you ask?” Hall asked the youngest Valastro. “Dad!” Carlo said as the family laughed.

Next up it was Sofia’s turn. The rising senior at the University of Delaware shared the best advice from her cake expert dad.

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“He always told me to be true to myself and never be afraid to really be who I am — and I have a loud personality, so it’s always teaching me how to manage and work with that,” she told Hall.

Despite hearing glowing praise from his kids, Buddy chimed in to give his wife — and all the women in his life — some credit.

<p>Buddy Valastro/Instagram</p> Buddy Valastro and his family

Buddy Valastro/Instagram

Buddy Valastro and his family

“I gotta tell you, honestly, I grew up around such strong, independent, amazing women. From my mom, to my four sisters, to my wife, my mother-in-law, my daughter,” he said. “I honestly don't worry about her [Sofia] with the boys. You know what I’m saying? She handles her own the way my sisters and me were, you know, so I just couldn't be prouder of her. She's definitely an amazing kid.”

With Father’s Day on the horizon, the Cake Boss star has his own late dad on his mind.

“My dad was the most amazing father in the world and I just want to live up to being half the dad that he was and make that impression onto my kids,” he shared. “I would do anything for them. I always tried to — I think me and Lisa’s parenting approach together is honesty. You have to be realistic.”

“They are going to be kids. They're going to make mistakes. They're going to be faced with decisions on right or wrong and you're not always going to be there to do that. But you have to kind of plant the roots and hope that the tree grows straight.”

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The Valastro family has been celebrating many milestones lately. On June 6, Buddy shared photos from Marco’s junior prom.

<p>Buddy Valastro/Instagram</p> Buddy Valastro and his family

Buddy Valastro/Instagram

Buddy Valastro and his family

“Can’t believe my boy Marco is off to junior prom!” the professional baker wrote in his Instagram caption. “Cherish every moment, son. You make us so proud!”

Standing in front of a backdrop of white balloons that spelled out “Prom,” Buddy flashed a beaming smile as he placed an arm around his son, while Lisa also proudly stood beside Marco in a white dress.

Buddy and Lisa also dressed to the nines for the Daytime Emmy Awards on June 8. Buddy was awarded his first ever Emmy for outstanding culinary host on his show Legends of the ForkHe beat out Lidia Bastianich, Valerie Bertinelli, Eduardo Garcia, Emeril Lagasse, and Sophia Roe who were all nominated in the category.

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