Bride-to-Be Wants Her Friends to Each Pay $300 to Attend Her Shower

In a post on Reddit, the bride-to-be's cousin asked people to weigh in on whether this is "a common or normal practice"

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a bridal shower


A stock image of a bridal shower

A bride-to-be has left one of her bridesmaids taken aback after asking her friends to each pay $300 to attend her upcoming bridal shower.

In a recent post on Reddit, the bridesmaid, who said she is a cousin of the bride-to-be, shared that she was sent an online link to reserve her spot at the shower venue. When she did, she was prompted to pay $300 to attend.

Puzzled, she went back to the bride-to-be and asked her about the fee. "She said that everyone is paying their own way, the guest wrote, adding, "I am beyond annoyed and can’t get over how tacky that is."

The original poster wrote then asked her fellow Redditors: "Is this a common or normal practice?"

The bridesmaid went on to explain that since she is part of the bridal party, "not going [to the shower] isn’t an option unfortunately." She also noted that the shower is taking place at a winery and she doesn't drink.

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"So I’m paying for something that I will not be consuming. To say I’m beyond annoyed is an understatement," she wrote.

The guest also explained that she has "already invested a lot of money in this wedding," including buying her bridesmaid dress and spending $1,000 on the bride-to-be's bachelorette party. She had also intended to give her cousin $500 as a wedding gift.

"I feel like she keeps piling on more things that I have to shell out money for," the bridesmaid griped.

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A stock image of a drinks toast

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The Reddit post garnered more than 100 comments, with many people siding with the bridesmaid and agreeing that it's not typical to ask your bridal shower guests to pay their own way.

"This is not 'normal,' " one person wrote. "It's rude to expect people to fork over this kind of money for a shower."

"You do not invite guests to an event and charge them $300," a second person commented. "That's not how inviting guests works. When you invite, you pay. When you plan a group outing together, everyone pays."

Yet another user chimed in: "When did we start booking expensive venues for a shower??? I understand there are some costs for a bachelorette, but I've always just been to showers at someone's house and you decorate to make it festive. When did we become so extra?"

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A stock image of a dessert

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Many people urged the OP to skip the shower. "DECLINE!! I’ve never heard of anyone having an entrance fee to a bridal shower," one person commented.

"Not going IS an option," another wrote.

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OP later shared an update in the comments, confirming that she had made the decision not to attend her cousin's celebration.

"Technically I could afford to go, but I simply don’t want to. I don’t want to spend that much money for an event that is centered around a wine tasting when I don’t drink, and I also feel that it’s just beyond rude to expect anyone to spend that much money," she explained, adding, "I will still get her a card and a gift for the shower and mail it to her."

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