Wang Feng admits to new romance

23 May- After the paparazzi published photos of him with a new woman, Wang Feng finally decided to confirm news that he is now dating anew.

On 20 May, the rock star and former husband of actress Zhang Ziyi took to Weibo to address the romance rumours, saying that he has decided to make some clarifications in order to protect himself and the people around him.

"Last year, in October, two months after my divorce, I met Ms. Li Qiao (also known as Li Senbei) in Xinjiang because of work. After being acquainted with her, I felt her persistence and optimism in work and life, and saw her integrity and kindness. We started dating about four months after we met," he said.

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng ended marriage last year
Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng ended marriage last year

Wang said that the photos that were leaked came from their recent meeting in Beijing. However, he was surprised over some false news and distorted facts that were circulating online, which had since affected not just him but Li as well.

"First of all, I deeply apologise for the harm caused to Li Qiao by being implicated in many malicious public opinions against me. Then I must clarify that the end of my last marriage was a careful and responsible decision made by husband and wife at the time, and it had nothing to do with anyone. Before the divorce officially took effect, Ms. Li Qiao and I did not know each other at all. Malicious speculation such as "our IDs were in the same city in July last year, so it means that we were already together at that time" is purely slander. Please stop believing in false news and stop hurting innocent people," he expressed.

Wang also said that he will no longer tolerate any false news about him, and will use legal measures to combat them.

(Photo Source: HK01, China Press)