Elon Musk mocked after ‘works for me’ response to major Twitter outage

Elon Musk offered a snarky - and widely ill-received - response to reports from thousands of Twitter users around the globe that his social media platform had gone down.

Internet monitoring website DownDetector reported a large spike in reports that Twitter was down on Wednesday evening.

Some users reported having problems with the desktop version of the platform, while others reported difficulties with TweetDeck.

As the flood of complaints came in, Mr Musk gave a short reply to one user asking if the site was broken: “Works for me.”

The tweet was quickly met with mockery and frustration from those affected by the outages.

“What about everyone else?” one user asked.

“We will all sleep well knowing your tweeting will continue unabated,” another added.

The eccentric CEO had previously offered an inadvertent hint at the cause of problems to come, telling users that the platform should “feel faster” due to the roll-out of “significant backend server architecture changes”.

The Independent has reached out to Twitter for comment but the company has reportedly fired its communications team in mass layoffs.

Twitter’s official support account did not address the reported outage.

Netblocks, which tracks Internet outages, also flagged the issue.

“Twitter is experiencing international outages affecting the mobile app and features including notifications; incident not related to country-level internet disruptions or filtering,” it tweeted.

More than 10,000 users were affected in the US, while around 2,500 users from the UK and Japan were affected at the peak of the disruption, showed data from DownDetector.

Aaron Rupar, a leading journalist temporarily banned from Twitter by Mr Musk, was quick to poke fun at the situation.

“Twitter is the Southwest Airlines of Truth Socials,” he tweeted along with a picture of a Tesla car in flames.

And other Twitter users were also happy to mock the billionaire, who reluctantly took over the company in a $44bn deal in October.

“Gee, who’d have thought that firing 75% of the staff who were holding it together would be a bad thing? I mean, besides EVERYBODY?” tweeted one user.

And another added: “Twitter is burning down and the EIC (egomaniac in charge) is complaining about people being woke. Oy.”