Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Roasts Jon Stewart’s Return to ‘The Daily Show’: ‘What Happened?’ | Video

Jon Stewart’s desk is not the only thing Triumph the Insult Comic Dog “took a s–t on” as he roasted the longtime host for returning to “The Daily Show.”

“Is this the same room where you waterboarded Jon into coming back?” Triumph asked “TDS” writer Matt O’Brien in a recent podcast clip. “Why the f–k is he coming back to Comedy Central? What happened? Did his OnlyFans account not take off?”

Triumph is a character voiced and puppeteered by comedian Robert Smigel known for his comedy routines where he takes a “poop on” his chosen targets. On Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show Ears Edition” podcast, that target happened to be Stewart — who recently returned to “TDS” after a nine-year hiatus.

Triumph is no stranger to “TDS” and certainly not to Stewart. He started his conversation with O’Brien by sharing some of his fondest memories and favorite things about the show.

“You know what I love about ‘The Daily Show’ offices? You have a lot of office dogs. And I think that’s wonderful. I love seeing all the office dogs around. It really made me feel at home when I took a s–t on Jon Stewart’s desk,” he shared.

Stewart wasn’t the only target of his mockery — O’Brien and the rest of the writing staff were also at risk. “What’s it like to work on the only Comedy Central show that isn’t a Futurama re-run?” Triumph asked O’Brien, who shared how great it is that he works close to home. “Right. So is White Castle. It pays about the same at this point,” Triumph fired back.

He wrapped up his segment by sharing his thoughts on the current state of TDS, which has a rotating cast of weeknight hosts after Stewart leads Monday episodes.

“This is great, back here on ‘The Daily Show.’ So what’s the topic of the show today? Republicans are bad or Trump is bad? … No seriously, you guys do do important work. I mean the star of politics is such a joke. So it’s just great that you guys have found a way to take all the humor out of it,” Triumph concluded.

Stewart hosted the show for 16 years, but decided to leave in 2015. His return was sparked by the upcoming 2024 presidential election. He is set to cover the Republican and Democratic national conventions live and will continue to host on Monday evenings through the election in November.

The “Ears Edition” of “The Daily Show” features full episodes and exclusive content. Listen to the full episode with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, here.

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