Things aren't going well for “For All Mankind”'s Margo in exclusive season 4 preview clip

"We know she did the wrong thing, but it was for the right reasons," executive producer Maril Davis says of Wrenn Schmidt's character on the Apple TV+ drama.

Back in the USSR.

Season 3 of the alternate history drama For All Mankind ended with Margo (Wrenn Schmidt) defecting from the United States after sacrificing NASA secrets to help Sergei (Piotr Adamczyk). When we pick things up in the exclusive preview clip above, it's 10 years later — 2003 — and what she was seemingly promised has not come to fruition, with her denied access to the leader of the USSR's space program.

"This is the first time we're going to get a peek behind the Iron Curtain with Margo. I'm so torn with Margo, and this is what I think makes For All Mankind so great: We know she did the wrong thing, but it was for the right reasons. And so even though we know that she sold secrets and got herself in this situation, we're still pulling for her," executive producer Maril Davis tells EW. "Her situation in the USSR is going to be very tricky, and I'm thrilled that we were able to show that aspect of it too. We're not only going to be Earthbound in Houston, but we're also going to be in the USSR, as well as up in Mars. There's quite a few storylines this season and I'll be excited for everyone to see how they all intersect."

For those in need of a season 3 finale recap beyond Margo's defection: Aside from that deadly explosion, Danny (Casey W. Johnson) was exiled from Happy Valley and Kelly (Cynthy Wu) had her Mars baby.

When things pick back up in season 4 (available today on Apple TV+), FAM mainstays Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) and Danielle Poole (Krys Marshall), who are showing their grays a lot more this season as they embrace their 70s and oncoming 60s, respectively.

And there are new faces joining the FAM fam, most notably Home Alone and Shrill star Daniel Stern as Eli Hobson, the new administrator at NASA. Servant's Toby Kebbell as Miles, a former oil worker pursuing a new job opportunity on Mars; The Terminal List's Tyner Rushing as Samantha, a space worker on the Mars colony; and The Americans' Svetlana Efremova as a high-ranking Soviet official named Irina Morozova.

"When we come back for season 4, we're going to see people have moved on [from the events of season 3], obviously, but there's going to be an unraveling and a reckoning for every character this season," teases Davis.

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