'Station 19' Producers Tease Shocking Season 8 Storylines

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If 'Station 19' Lived to See Another SeasonJames Clark - ABC

Station 19 has come to an end after seven seasons, but, apparently, producers Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige had a whole plan for it, should it had gone on longer.

When fans learned the ABC drama got canceled back in December, they were curious to see how the lives of those working in the Seattle Fire Department would wrap up. As folks watched Captain Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) lead her team in a fight against a giant wildfire, they also got to see how other members of Station 19 fared in their personal lives. The final season really tried to address all of these outstanding storylines, but not in the way the crew would have necessarily wanted had the show gone on for another season.

When speaking to Deadline on May 30 about what else could've been in store for Station 19, Zoanne and Peter revealed how a few characters would've had a more expanded romantic plot. They particularly had thoughts about a coupling between Sean Beckett (Josh Randall) and Jeonghee "Jinny" Lee (Yunjin Kim), and how that relationship would've affected Jinny's sister Natasha Ross (Merle Dandridge) and her partner Robert Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe).

"There were stories," Peter told the outlet about what would've occurred in future episodes. "Would we have loved to do a whole story where Beckett starts dating Jinny and how they get folded into the Sullivan/Ross relationship in an interesting way? Yes!"

But that wasn't all. Zoanne also confirmed that Carina DeLuca-Bishop (Stefania Spampinato)'s story would've included a plot outside of her relationship with Maya Bishop (Daniella Savre). It turns out, fans could've seen her out in the field a bit more, something that was actually incorporated into the series finale.

"Remember when she grabbed her things and went out into the field? Part of the reason we were doing the lawsuit in the first place was that we really wanted to incorporate her more into the firefighting," Zoanne added. "She was maybe just a little bit trepidatious about medicine and practicing medicine and wanted to be out in the field more and do an EMS fellowship. She was going to suit up like probably episode 8, and then we were going to follow her out in the field and more integrated into the show for season 8. But what we got was the moment of the finale, which was great, but not exactly where we were gonna take it."

While it's frustrating that fans won't get to see how these plot lines play out, we will get to see one person from Station 19 once again. Deadline announced on May 30 that Jason George may reprise his role as Ben Warren on Grey's Anatomy, after previously appearing on the drama starting in season 6, and leaving in 2017 to star in the spinoff.

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