Alex Jones threatens to sue Tucker Carlson impersonator who tricked him with topless prank idea

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Alex Jones has threatened to sue a prank caller who managed to convince him he was talking with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson - when he was in fact talking to ‘Prank Stallone’.

Far-right conspiracy theorist Jones, who was ordered to pay nearly a billion dollars to Sandy Hook families for claiming the shooting was a hoax, learned on Thursday that he was the subject of a prank phone call that utilised an AI approximation of Carlson's voice to dupe him.

Jones, infuriated by the embarrassment, insinuated that he was going to try to pursue litigation against the prank caller.

"Hey let me tell the little prankster Prank Stallone something," he said during his show on Wednesday. "Tucker Carlson's lawyers are involved, and what you did, we believe is a crime, so even though you think you are safe up in Canada, you are going to get arrested for what you did yesterday."

Chris James, who goes by Prank Stallone on Twitter, is a comedian and video content creator on YouTube, Twitch, and Means.TV, where he frequently prank calls conservatives and conspiracy theorists.

He has previously bamboozled far-right figures including Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, podcaster Ben Shapiro, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Prager, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and former New York Man and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

He teased the call in a Twitter post on Wednesday.

"Okay so let’s say someone has Tucker Carlson’s cell number, and also Alex Jones’ cell phone number, and also an AI Tucker Carlson voice," he wrote. "They could IN THEORY call Alex Jones and pretend to be Tucker, and have a full conversation with him. Anyways I just did that."

Jones was clearly frustrated after the call, telling Mr James to "keep laughing, you little arrogant person," and accusing him of making "sexual threats."

“I’m going to file a criminal don’t get to steal our phone numbers and then pose as us,” Jones said.

He spent an entire half-hour on the subject, eventually demanding the prankster come onto his show and explain whether or not he is part of a government organisation and later demanding his arrest.

The debacle even spawned a headline on InfoWars' website claiming Mr James used "AI to stalk Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones."

"I call for him to be arrested now," Jones fumed.

The comedian mocked the conspiracy theorist's call for his arrest in a Twitter post. He jokingly posted as his mother, "Pranika," claiming Mr James had been arrested. The post includes a manipulated photo of combat athlete Connor McGregor being arrested in 2018.

"This is Prank’s mother, Pranika. I just wanted to let you know that Prank will not be posting for a while, as he was arrested this morning on charges of felony pranking in the 1st degree," he wrote. "Will follow up with where letters can be sent."

In the meantime, Jones' fans have been taking the controversy well; Mr James shared a screenshot of a deranged individual saying his prank gave him "the reason to live again" before threatening to kill and eat him.

Mr James said the call would be featured in a video he will release on Monday.