Prince Harry opens up about ‘tainted’ romance with late Caroline Flack

Prince Harry and the late Caroline Flack (Getty Images)

Prince Harry has reportedly opened up about his “tainted” romance with Caroline Flack and reflected on the TV presenter’s death, in his leaked memoir.

Sections from the book have been quoted by the UK press after the memoir was accidentally put on sale on 5 January in Spain. The book was officially supposed to be released next Tuesday (10 January).

These include claims Prince William allegedly physically attacked the Duke of Sussex during a confrontation over Harry’s wife Meghan Markle in 2019.

You can follow live updates about Harry’s book here.

Harry has also reportedly addressed the scandal involving his uncle, Prince Andrew, and written about killing 25 people during military service in Afghanistan.

In another excerpt, published by US Weekly, the duke revealed he met the former Love Island host Flack, who died by suicide in 2020, at a restaurant during a night out with their mutual friend in 2009.

Harry wrote he was introduced to Flack “months after” he broke up with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy.

Describing Flack as “funny”, “sweet”, and “cool”, the 38-year-old said Flack “wasn’t taken aback that I didn’t recognise her”.

“She didn’t have a big ego,” he continued, before explaining how the media was responsible for their relationship ending shortly after.

Harry shared: “Very soon after they papped me and Flack, those photos set off a frenzy. Within hours a mob was camped outside Flack’s parents’ house, and all her friends’ houses, and her grandparents’ house.”

“She was described in one paper as my ‘bit of rough’, because she once worked in a factory or something,” he continued. “Jesus, I thought, are we really such a country of insufferable snobs?”

They “kept on” seeing each other, Harry wrote, “because we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, and because we didn’t want to admit defeat at the hands of these arseholes”.

Press intrusion had, however, “tainted” their fledgling relationship “irredeemably”, he said, adding: “We realised it just wasn’t worth the grief and harassment. Especially for her family.

“Goodbye, we said. Goodbye and good luck.”

Harry also described what it was like to receive the “horrible news” that Flack had died, writing that he “felt so awful for her family”.

“I remembered how they’d all suffered for her mortal sin of going out with me. She’d been so light and funny that night we met. The definition of carefree,” he said.

Flack also wrote about how being described as Harry’s “bit of rough” led to the couple calling it quits, in her autobiography Storm in a C Cup.

Ahead of the UK release of his book next week, Harry’s interview with ITV presenter Tom Bradby will be telecast at 9pm on Sunday (8 January).

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