The Outwaters: ‘Truly terrifying’ horror film that’s setting off Apple Watch ‘high heart rate’ alerts

The first trailer for a horror film that’s setting off people’s Apple Watch heart rate alerts has dropped.

While the new release arrived in the US in February, UK fans have been made to wait a little bit longer.

Titled The Outwaters, the film is a found-footage horror following a group of friends who travel to the Mojave Desert to make a music video.

What starts out as a straightforward film evolves into a “mind-bending trip through terror”, with actor-director Robbie Banfitch unleashing a “hellish” sensory experience on viewers, in the form of “unexplained sounds and vibrations”.

The synopsis explains: “Mysterious sounds haunt them, and when a menacing force descends, their horrifying journey into soul-shattering darkness begins.”

Following its US premiere, The Outwaters was branded a “deranged nightmare” by one Twitter user, who claimed it set off his Apple Watch’s “high heart rate” alert twice.

Another viewer, Brandy Sims, wrote: “It was disorienting, disturbing, extremely anxiety-inducing, and an absolute journey into hell,” while another claimed they had to “leave the theatre to vomit”.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Bethany branded the last half of the “truly terrifying” film a “panic attack”.

Speaking about the finale, The Daily Beast described it as“2001: A Space Odyssey processed through a meat grinder”.

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The divisive film a Rotten Romatoes score of 71 per cent.

Other films in recent years to garner strong reactions from audience members include Dashcam, Terrifier 2 and the experimental Skinamarink.

‘The Outwaters’ (Blue Finch)
‘The Outwaters’ (Blue Finch)

The Outwaters in released in UK cinemas on 7 April.