Not satiated by Activision Blizzard purchase, Xbox wants to buy Nintendo too

 Phil Spencer CEO of Microsoft Gaming.
Phil Spencer CEO of Microsoft Gaming.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft had hopes of purchasing Nintendo and may still want to buy the gaming company.

  • A leaked email from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer called "THE prime asset for us in Gaming."

  • The long-term strategy mentioned in the email suggests Microsoft is likely still interested in purchasing Nintendo.

  • Microsoft's last attempt approaching Nintendo for purchase didn't exactly go well, but that occurred over 20 years ago.

Massive Xbox leak

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Well, this certainly wasn't the news we expected to see today. As part of possibly the biggest leak in Xbox history, it has been revealed through an email from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer back in 2020 that Microsoft is still targeting an acquisition of Nintendo.

In the email, Spencer stated that "Nintendo is THE prime asset for us in Gaming...". He continued, explaining that "gaming is our most likely path to consumer relevance."

The information comes from Tom Warren on X (formerly Twitter) who posted several leaks today. The new Xbox Series X refresh coming next year is only one of the stories that dropped today.

Spencer talked about how Microsoft is the only US-company that has a chance of acquiring Nintendo and that numerous conversations have taken place with them about having tighter collaboration.

We have seen these efforts earlier than 2020 with Xbox and Nintendo working together to push cross-platform play. Not to mention Xbox having its network on games like Minecraft meaning you can unlock Xbox achievements whilst playing on your Nintendo Switch.

Email showing Microsoft's intent to buy nintendo
Email showing Microsoft's intent to buy nintendo

Spencer also made it clear in this email that he doesn't think a hostile takeover would be a good move and that they are playing the long game.  There seems to be games at play regarding stock purchases, which he hopes will open more opportunities in the future.

Now, those of you that know your gaming history will be aware that Microsoft approached Nintendo for purchase before they made the first Xbox. This was back in 2000 and Microsoft was "laughed out of the room". It's safe to say a lot has happened since then, such as the two companies are certainly working together much more closely than they ever have. We'll have to see how Nintendo reacts to the news from this leak.