The New Moon in Cancer Wants You to Embrace New Beginnings

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Your Horoscope for the New Moon in CancerGetty/Khadija Horton

New Moons are a time for rejuvenation and manifestation. If you have a lack in your life, then this is the time to fill it—whether through a new experience, person, or item. We must make space for beginnings and foolish behavior during New Moons. Mind you, we are all fools when beginning something new, so don't be scared to get experimental.

For newbies, a New Moon is when the Moon and the Sun meet at the same degree, forming a conjunction. As an astrology practitioner, I'm all about precision because cutting through diamonds is possible. New Moons are for setting intentions and goals to manifest. Take the theme of each New Moon as inspiration to bring forth the best version of yourself! If you find your horoscope helpful or have any questions, please tag me on social media @monishaholmes.

Life can be overwhelming, and burnout is a real challenge many of us face. It's tough to keep pushing when your batteries feel drained, and it's even more challenging when you see others who are seemingly unaffected. The idea that some people never experience burnout might seem far-fetched, but it's possible they have different coping mechanisms or circumstances that help them stay resilient.

The metaphor of being an artist searching for a breakthrough or a lawyer unsure of their firm's appreciation resonates deeply. It captures the essence of striving and the feelings of insignificance that can accompany your efforts, especially when you don't see immediate or widespread recognition. It's easy to feel like your contributions are just drops in the ocean, but those drops matter. Each act, no matter how small, adds to the collective effort and has the potential to create ripples.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 5, 2024 at 6:57 p.m. EST invites you to seek comfort and embrace new beginnings with tenderness. This astrological event encourages you to make space for what nourishes you emotionally and spiritually. It's a reminder that welcoming new experiences, people, or ideas into your life can be both enriching and challenging. They shape who you are and how you grow.

Take time under this New Moon to embrace the warmth of self-care, love, and small joys that bring comfort. Light those warmly scented candles, sip on your favorite mocktail or cocktail, and allow yourself to be open to new possibilities. Remember, it's okay not to be the brightest star in the room. Sometimes, your purpose is to reflect and amplify the light of others while finding your own unique glow in the process.

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign horoscope for the New Moon in Cancer:


Aries, it's no secret that the weight of the world has been heavy on your mind. With so much suffering and normalized harm around, it's hard to remain unaffected, even when you try to create distance and focus on your own responsibilities. This New Moon is a perfect time to retreat and stay at home. While you might find the idea of doing nothing boring, this period of rest can be crucial for prioritizing yourself. Embrace the stillness and allow it to rejuvenate you.


Taurus, you can't dive into the mud and expect to come out clean. Translation: Avoid situations that could tarnish your integrity. Surrounding yourself with people you don't respect will inevitably influence you negatively. Their habits and attitudes will rub off on you, leading you down a path where you might not respect yourself either. Be mindful of who you spend your time with, and you'll find that your patterns and behaviors reflect a better version of yourself.


Gemini, your passion project has the potential to turn into a lucrative opportunity. Trust that meaningful and fulfilling work can lead to significant rewards. While it's true that having the freedom to invest time into this work comes with some privilege, viewing this as a privilege rather than a right can sabotage your ability to enjoy making a difference. Keep your third eye open for opportunities to make an impact, even if it's on a scale you didn't expect. Embrace these chances and let them guide you to both personal and financial fulfillment.


Happy birthday, Cancer! Another year around the Sun, another reason to celebrate this marathon called life! As you get older, you might be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and others. You may feel disappointed about how much or how little you know, and this feeling of powerlessness could undermine your sense of competence. Take a deep breath and lead with a bit of compassion. Remember, a lack of growth is not a failure—it's a sign that there is still room to learn and evolve. Life would be boring if we were all done growing.


What beliefs do you hold about intimacy and love, and how do they hinder your ability to care for others and accept care from your loved ones? Some people are taught that love is about what you can provide for someone, leading to a lifelong pattern of needing to prove themselves in relationships. This can make you feel enslaved to your need for validation and fear of never being fully seen. Often, all our loved ones need from us is to know we’re there for them. Open your mind to new solutions and ask yourself if you really need to resolve everything, everywhere, all at once.


Your inner circle is either maturing, or you're realizing you've outgrown certain relationships. If you find yourself constantly teaching, serving, and unable to speak up, it's a cause for concern. Are you sure you still relate to the people you’re friends with? Are you feeling too guilty to make room for new friendships? It’s okay to jump ship when you’re unable to share a mission with your co-captain. It's time to reevaluate and make space for relationships that truly support your growth.


It looks like whatever you’ve been manifesting is yielding results. As I discussed with my mother recently, manifestations actualize when you fully accept that what you’re manifesting is already yours. If your goal is to become a professional video gamer, go for it. If you’re aiming for a C-suite position, keep an eye out for opportunities that bring you closer to this goal. Now is a great time to say, "I am interested."


Oh, the places you go when you expand your mind! Have you ever heard a nagging mother lecture their child about the coolest new trend, only for the child to ignore it because it’s coming from mom? Mothers, maternal figures, and grandmothers are filled with wisdom, and sometimes it’s tough to figure out what needs to be implemented today versus a year from now. This New Moon is a reminder to surround yourself with softness and motherly energy, where you'll find your next valuable lesson.


Oh, sweetheart, it’s hard to open up, isn’t it? Many people see Sagittarius as a menace, clown, or as Gemini’s "good twin." But you and I both know that Sagittarius’s energy is wise. You know when to detach and close your heart. After enough heartbreaks and disappointments, you learn to be more discerning. The rainbow after the rainstorm is the deep sense of loyalty and commitment that comes when you let yourself need someone. Even though it feels outside your comfort zone, it’s okay to open your heart.


Aww, Capricorn, this is a very cute time for you. After releasing and continuing to release the effects of a series of tough events, a pretty little romance is brewing. The stars suggest that this New Moon in Cancer is an opportune time to get close and cozy with a lover, partner, or friend. Now is a lovely time to deepen relationships and start new bonds based on shared sentiments. Be mindful of your tricky little patterns and less-than-ideal habits. If you're unsure what those are, just wait until the next Full Moon!


Hey, Aquarius, so, this is never an easy conversation… The New Moon in Cancer is highlighting your need to attend to your health. With the Moon trine Saturn in Pisces, it appears you have neglected self-care due to a series of complex events. Saturn in Pisces in your house of values suggests that whatever you've lost management of is a value of yours, so avoid beating yourself up! The New Moon gently nudging you to achieve your goals. The upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn will remind you to let go of harshness and cruel intentions.


Pisces, this New Moon is a time for you to play. Your bleeding heart might lead you to feel stuck, frustrated, or numbed out from the world. While your frustration is understandable, remember that life has always been difficult for living beings. At best, we find new and creative ways to navigate the world, even when life seems bleak. Even if you’re stuck in a cage, this New Moon in Cancer is a time for you to play your way through tough times. There isn’t always an exit, but you can always be the light when times are dark and clarity is low.

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