Meg Ryan recalls visiting the town of Dildo with Carrie Fisher: 'We got merch'

Meg Ryan went to Dildo with Carrie Fisher and all she got was a t-shirt.

The actress, who directs and stars in the upcoming rom-com What Happens Later, explained on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live that she once served as Fisher's official photographer while the Star Wars legend and her family visited the Newfoundland fishing town for a 2005 story for the New York Times.

"Carrie wanted to do a piece on the Napoleon surrendering to the British historical reenactment in Dildo, so we did that," Ryan told host Jimmy Kimmel and her What Happens Later costar David Duchovny. "We shopped a lot. We got merch. I got a t-shirt with a big happy face and then the name of the town underneath."

"Is that all you bought?" Kimmel cheekily asked, prompting laughter from Duchovny. Ryan quickly replied, "That's all I bought! That's all I've got!"

Kimmel then revealed that he's actually the honorary mayor of Dildo, a title which he earned after "I named myself honorary mayor of the town and they're very nice so they said okay." However, the host admitted that he's never actually visited Dildo because "it takes three flights to get there and that's just too many flights."

When Duchovny remarked on the town's location, Ryan explained that it's located "near the Bay of Conception." She began to laugh as she added, "Carrie, in the piece, says the town across the way is [named] Spread Eagle." However, Ryan warned that Fisher's joke about the name of Dildo's neighboring town "may or may not be true."

As Dildo's mayor, Kimmel revealed he helped promote the town and encourage local tourism by getting "some big letters that say 'Dildo'" and putting them up in the hills like the Hollywood sign.

"Now people come from thousands of miles around to photograph themselves in front of that sign," he proclaimed. To which Duchovny replied, "You must be so proud."

Ryan then asked Kimmel if he's undertaken any other "Dildo mayoral duties" during his time in office. "I have no Dildo duties, no," he explained. "Really, my duty is to talk about the town every once in a while and promote tourism in my town."

For what it's worth, Ryan does think people should visit Dildo if given the chance. "It's worth going!" she replied. "Even three flights in."

What Happens Later hits theaters on Nov. 3. Watch Ryan discuss seeing Dildo in the clip above.

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