“Inside Out 2”, Normani, and the 2024 Tony Awards top this week's Must List

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EW has always celebrated LGBTQ+ talent, no matter what month it is (here's looking at you, inaugural print issue cover star k.d. lang) — but particularly in June. And even in 2024, we're still finding ways to break new ground, making Alan Cumming the first openly bisexual person to pose for our annual Pride cover. I recently sat down with the delectably confident Traitors host to discuss bucking the binary, his legendary roles, and of course that Traitorous fashion. Just in case you think I'm not a Faithful, I’ve got the photos, video, and cover story to prove it. —Patrick Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

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<p>Pixar; Getty Images; Hugo Comte; Eddy Chen/Max</p>

Pixar; Getty Images; Hugo Comte; Eddy Chen/Max

Inside Out 2



Nostalgia is a reliable ingredient in any Pixar project, so it’s fitting the emotion makes a delightful cameo (voiced by National Treasure June Squibb) in this follow-up to the 2015 Oscar winner. But it's not just nostalgia that now-tweenage Riley — and her long-time emotional center, Joy (Amy Poehler) — is coping with in this delightful new adventure: Stranger Things star (and proud nepo baby) Maya Hawke is a new voice-acting favorite as Anxiety. You might not have a Bing Bong-level cathartic cry, but this sequel will still give you all the feels. —Patrick Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

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The 2024 Tony Awards

<p>Michele Crowe/CBS</p>

Michele Crowe/CBS

The Tony Awards airs live coast to coast on CBS this Sunday, bringing a bit of Broadway into everyone's homes. With Merrily We Roll Along and Stereophonic among the favorites, I'm excited for the live performances (including whatever host Ariana De Bose does for her opening). —Maureen Lee Lenker, Senior Writer

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Normani's "Candy Paint"



This fast-talking track leaked two years ago. But Normani's fans — and Normani herself — loved the song so much that the R&B songstress included it on her long-anticipated debut album, Dopamine (out now). And thank God she did. The bop. Undeniable. The swag. Enviable. The comeback. She's happening. —Lester Fabian Brathwaite, Staff Writer

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Hannah Einbinder: Everything Must Go

<p>Eddy Chen/Max</p>

Eddy Chen/Max

In her first stand-up special (on Max), the Emmy-nominated Hacks star's unique comedic stylings require the viewer pay attention — not just for her humorous, almost avante-garde takes, but also her strangely seducing stage work and character voices. (Her witch is, well, bewitching.) —Gerrad Hall, Executive Director

Ultraman: Rising



This visually stylish action-drama (streaming on Netflix) tells the story of a hotheaded baseball player who reluctantly returns to Tokyo to take over his father's duties as Ultraman. Along the way, the superhero becomes an accidental parent to a monster baby, entering his "Are you my Ultra-mother era?" With breathtaking animation and a moving tale about parenting, this eye-popping flick makes for a perfect family movie night. —Rendy Jones, Evergreen Writer

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