New ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Trailer Reveals the Return of the Sanderson Sisters (Video)

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A new “Hocus Pocus 2” trailer arrived at Disney’s D23 Expo, forecasting the return of the Sanderson sisters.

“I banish thee from Salem, forever.” a Reverend’s voice booms at the beginning as younger versions of the witchy trio run through a field and some woods.

“Ted Lasso” actress Hannah Waddingham’s character appears, transforming from a bird to a woman to wish the sisters a happy sixteenth birthday.

“They were right to fear thee,” she says. “Magic has a way of uniting.”

The trailer transitions to a spooky shop, set 375 years later, where owner Gilbert (Sam Richardson) says “I have a gift for my favorite customers.”

“Legend has it, it’s on the 16th birthday that a witch gets her powers,” he continues, giving two young girls the mysterious candle that summons the Sanderson sisters back to Salem.

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Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy return at their summons — the lit candle, with Winifred warning Salem to “Lock up your children!”

A book in Gilbert’s shop wakes up at Winifred’s call, and three silhouettes of the witches appear on a doorstep.

“If we intend to live past sunrise, we have to steal their souls,” Winifred tells her sisters in the woods.

When Gilbert asks if they can talk about that, Winifred casually denies his request.

The video then cuts to the witches taking to the sky on brooms — or in Mary’s (Najimuy) case, levitating shoes — “Running amok, amok, amok” as Sarah Sanderson (Sarah Jessica Parker) says. The three sisters also walk through a CVS-like pharmacy, tasting bath salts and inspiring the two young girls who accidentally summoned them to get salt so that it “tastes better when they eat us.”

Another comedic shot of the trio involves Winifred telling her sisters to “spread out,” and Sarah taking it literally, almost slouching into the splits.

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And at the very end of the trailer, Billy Butcherson resurrects as well. Gilbert, to his screaming horror, digs him up, freeing him to crawl out from under the graveyard in which he was buried.

“Stop, I am a good zombie,” Butcherson replies as Gilbert runs away with his shovel.