Great news for 4K Blu-ray fans – 2 big US stores will now stock discs

 Blu-ray disc in player drive.
Blu-ray disc in player drive.

With streaming services bundling up and raising prices, investing in DVDs or 4K Blu-rays is starting to sound like a good idea; it lets you watch the title whenever you’d like and avoid making a recurring purchase.

And if you already collect Blu-rays, have a collection, or are inclined to try them, we have some good news. Thanks to Studio Distribution Services, which handles the physical releases for Universal Pictures and Warner Bros, you’ll soon be able to buy 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVDs at 132 Fred Meyer grocery stores and 170 GameStop stores in the United States, along with

This means that titles like Dune: Part II will soon be available physically and with potentially higher-quality visuals. This way, you can enjoy the film and get immersed without worrying about buffering, bitrates, or even having an internet connection. The release announcing the partnership notes that titles at Fred Meyer and GameStop will cycle and be feature-length films and TV shows.

Your first disc

Dune: Part II will be the first at Fred Meyer, available at 132 stores on May 14, 2024. However, the partnership will expand with more titles and larger displays. The GameStop rollout will be more prominent from the start, with 20 titles on a main wall at the 170 stores across the United States. You’ll also find a mix of 4K UHD, Blu-rays, and classic DVDs. It also makes a lot of sense, considering the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 feature disc drives with support for playback.

This is a big expansion for both retailers that will get all three types of discs in front of more folks. For those who have previously gone to retailers like BestBuy, which have since discontinued offering the physical media discs, this is a win for the category and for retailers that sell them.

If you’re planning to visit Fred Meyer or GameStop, check out TechRadar’s guide on how to get started with 4K Blu-rays, including the best players to watch them on.

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