Fattah Amin is Sultan Mahmud Shah in "Tun Teja"

28 Oct - Following his big screen comeback via "Mat Kilau", Fattah Amin is set to star in another historical piece, albeit via animation.

The actor, who played Awang in the record-breaking Syamsul Yusof film, recently confirmed that he has been cast as Sultan Mahmud Shah in NSA Studios' animated feature, "Tun Teja".

"Apart from Mat Kilau, which elevates historical figures and fighters who defended Tanah Melayu and the religion of Islam, I am excited to get an offer to make Tun Teja's project a success," he said. "I consider this project to be something new, not to mention made in animation format."

Fattah believes that he is not the only one who wants to see Sultan Mahmud Shah's reign being made into a movie, and hopes that the animation format will enable kids to further understand and get interested in learning about historical figures.

Although he is only lending his voice to the character, Fattah stated that he still prepared himself for the role.

"I was also told that there will be a silat scene, so I have to train for that. God willing, I will give my best," he added.

The upcoming animated feature will revolve around the princess of Pahang of the same name, known for her beauty and bravery during her life in the 15th century.

No news as to who will be voicing the character of Tun Teja.

Fattah Amin previously played Awang in 'Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan'
Fattah Amin previously played Awang in 'Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan'

(Photo Source: Fattah Amin Instagram)