The excellent Dungeons & Dragons movie is now available to stream on Paramount Plus

 D&D movie cast in circle
D&D movie cast in circle

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has landed on Paramount Plus in the US, giving moviegoers the chance to watch the D&D movie in the comfort of their own home – and they should, because this is just a fun, uncomplicated (mostly) family adventure of the kind we don't get enough of outside of the Marvel movies.

As of May 16, subscribers to Paramount Plus can watch the D&D movie at no additional cost – although the film is already available to buy or rent from the likes of Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Google Play. So far the film has only come to on-demand platforms in the US, though it should follow shortly in other countries.

It’s great timing for Paramount Plus, which recently celebrated reaching 60 million subscribers for the first time, and should only get more interest from viewers with the addition of this 2023 blockbuster.

The fantasy heist flick, based on the massively popular roleplaying game, offers a great romp that leaves intricate D&D lore at the door in order to tell a fun and foolhardy adventure, as a group of well-intentioned thieves find themselves caught up in a tale of political corruption, evil necromancers, and the love of a good family.

At the time of writing, the D&D movie made around $200 million worldwide, easily surpassing its $150 million budget – if not quite as successful as the Mario movie – and we can fully see the film getting another lease of life from on-demand streaming in the months ahead, as more people discover that's it's just a really good time.

With a star-studded cast including Chris Pine (Star Trek Beyond), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast X), Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu), Sophia Lillis (I Am Not Okay With This), and Hugh Grant (Paddington 2), the movie brings a lot of charm and recognisable faces to help ease you into a world of magic and bird-people.

The trick to the movie is that it isn't trying to set up a huge D&D universe or anything – instead, it perfectly recreates the feeling of playing D&D at the table, mixing real drama with slapstick silliness, mysterious spells with arbitrary rules that cause hilarity, and powerful player abilities that only sometimes work – truly the definitive D&D experience, even if The Legend of Vox Machina, the animated D&D series on Amazon Prime Video, gives it a good run for its money.

If you passed on the D&D movie at the theaters, definitely give it a chance at home – which is where people generally play D&D, anyway. It's one of the best Paramount Plus movies, no question, and is exactly the balm you need if the increasing self-seriousness of other supposedly fun blockbusters is wearing you down.