‘Enola Holmes 2’ Credits Scene: Who Plays [SPOILER]?

Warning: This piece contains major spoilers for “Enola Holmes 2.” If you have not yet watched, turn back now!

As if the ending of “Enola Holmes 2” isn’t complicated enough, the film’s post-credits scene sets up an entirely new wrinkle to the franchise — albeit an exciting one.

For context, Sherlock battles a sense of loneliness throughout the film, and Enola recognizes this. He even at one point advises her to avoid going down the same path at all costs. After Tewksbury confesses his love for Enola and she reciprocates, this doesn’t look like this will happen for Enola.

“I really love Sherlock’s loneliness, which I think is not just because he’s from a dysfunctional family and he lives alone, but also because mentally he lives in another framework another level from everyone else. He can’t do small talk,” said director Harry Bradbeer in a recent interview with TheWrap.

“So he starts from a very emotionally underdeveloped place, and the more that Henry brought out in him in terms of his brotherly love, and his gradually opening up, the more more hope I’ve started to feel for him. And it’d be very interesting to see what happens when he actually does really open up or has a relationship with someone. All of these are possibilities, which to me, I have hoped for him but I also fear for him because he’ll be moving in treacherous territory.”

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Right before Tewksbury visits her at her new agency office in Edith’s building, Sherlock suggests they check up on each other once in a while, and Enola sets the first check-in for the coming Thursday at 4 p.m. Earlier on in the film, she had also suggested to Sherlock that he get a flatmate.

Enola herself doesn’t show up in the “Enola Holmes 2” credits scene, but she makes good on her promise in a different way — she sends along a potential roommate and new companion for Sherlock, Doctor John Watson, played by Himesh Patel.

At first, Sherlock turns Watson away because he believes he is a complete stranger, but Watson shares that “the young lady” shared the meeting time, date and address (Sherlock’s flat) with him, and Sherlock realizes that Enola has pointed Watson his way.

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” series, Watson is a physician, devoted friend and associate to Sherlock. Watson establishes a medical practice, while helping Sherlock with his investigations on the side, recording them for publishing. He makes a great aid, though his detective skills are no match for Sherlock’s.

Director Harry Bradbeer revealed that “Enola Holmes 3” would include Watson, and that conversations are underway.

“Well, we are talking about it,” he said. “It would involve Watson. I’m not sure I can say much more than that, but Himesh is an incredibly exciting and wonderful actor and a different kind of vibe to bring into the franchise.”

Patel first broke out on the TV series “EastEnders” and had memorable roles in the films “Tenet,” “Yesterday” and “Don’t Look Up” as well as the HBO Max series “Station Eleven.”

To be clear, this would not mean a diminished role for Enola, since this is her story, after all.

“We just thought that it was time for Sherlock to maybe have a friend and a foil, and we liked the idea of bringing that character in but only because he’s introduced by Enola for an emotional reason because she’s worried for her brother,” Bradbeer said. “And thinks that he’s inclined to depression and despond and chaos and he needs just a little bit of friendship.”

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