Chris Redd Suspects Brass Knuckles Used in Assault That Broke His Nose, Cheek Bone: ‘So Much Blood’

Chris Redd says he doesn’t know who was behind the assault last week that left him with a broken nose and cheek bone — or what their motivation might have been.

But the former “Saturday Night Live” star doesn’t think he just mugged and is nearly certain a weapon was involved, he told The Daily Beast.

“This man hit me in the face with something metal,” Redd said about the assault that happened last Wednesday night as he was approaching the doors of New York City’s Comedy Cellar. “I thought it was brass knuckles because of the way it cut my nose to the bone.”

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Redd, who was rushed to Bellevue Hospital, said because he’s taken a punch to the face before, he initially wasn’t shocked by it — until he realized how much blood was coming out of his nose.

“A fist don’t normally do all of that at one time,” Redd said, according to The Daily Beast. “So it was safe to assume I was hit with something … But the dude just hit me and ran off. I fell down so fast. I didn’t even know I fell until I looked at the [surveillance] footage.”

Redd’s nose was “gushing blood,” he said.

“It wasn’t really about the pain at that point, it was just so much blood,” he said. “[It wasn’t a good idea] to chase him down the street with blood gushing out of my face.”

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Redd’s assailant remains unknown. He was reportedly wearing a security guard uniform. Noam Dworman, the owner of the club, told TheWrap that none of their employees wear uniforms and that the assailant was “not an employee.”

The suspect fled by the time police arrived on the scene. Witnesses also said that the suspect pulled a chain from Redd’s neck.

Redd left “SNL” ahead of this season after five years on the show.

Sharon Knolle contributed to this report.

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