Chris Evans Fans Celebrate Sexiest Man Alive Honor: ‘This Is What Course Corrects Us Back on the Path of Righteousness’

Chris Evans is 2022’s sexiest man alive, and his fans are celebrating in kind. Some on this midterm elections morning have even found renewed faith in the country’s systems.

Of course, Evans himself is having a good time just poking fun at himself for the honor bestowed upon him by PEOPLE Magazine. In his interview following the title, the Marvel star joked, “Apparently it’s me…according to my mom.” The actor noted that the first thing that went through his mind upon learning he was this year’s icon was that his mom would be so proud — though she’s already proud of all he does — and that “this is something she can really brag about.”

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But for fans that love him, the honor is no joke. In fact, it’s a sign that the future of America’s voting system might just be OK. “DEMOCRACY WORKS,” Jarett Wieselman cheered on Twitter.

“I can’t believe that today Chris Evans talked about politics and later he is considered the sexiest man alive,” one fan wrote. “The perfect balance.”

For others, it was an indication that things might be getting back on track, in terms of universal fairness and balance. “Well, at least the universe got ONE goddamn thing right this year,” one person tweeted.

Another suggested that Evans winning the title could possibly be “what course corrects us back on the path of righteousness.”

Still others found joy in Evans teaming up with former Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to celebrate the honor, ahead of their onscreen team-up in “Red One” later this year. (Of course, if you ask Johnson, he’d take issue with the use of “former,” considering he’s still alive).

One fan dubbed them “my new fav duo,” while others simply marveled at the photos of the men together.

You can check out more celebrations of Evans and his sexiness below: