Watch Seth Meyers test Julia Louis-Dreyfus' MCU knowledge while day drinking: 'Be a She-Hulk!'

“Why would anyone take anyone to court for turning you into a She-Hulk?" the actress asked.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus put her improvisation skills to the test when answering Seth Meyers’ smashing questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the pair’s recent day drinking session.

The actress, who has starred as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in several Marvel films and series, played a game with Meyers in which she had to field several questions, strangely, about the Hulk and his extended family. If she didn’t know the answer, Meyers explained that she had to make up a believable answer on the spot instead. 

“Bruce Banner cross-contaminated his blood with his cousin’s, lawyer Jessica Walters, during a car crash,” the host began. “Why wouldn’t she take him to court for turning her into She-Hulk?”

Louis-Dreyfus replied — much like premise of the Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law — it was less about the legal battle and more about self-love and acceptance. “Why would anyone take anyone to court for turning you into a She-Hulk?” she asked. “If you have been turned into a She-Hulk, love it! Be a She-Hulk.”

<p>Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty</p> Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Seth Meyers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Seth Meyers

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Meyers, moderately tipsy at this point, interjected to ask, “Do you mind — is it offensive to you if I yell preach while you’re saying this?”

After obtaining Louis-Dreyfus’ blessing, Meyers gave her only seconds to restart her speech before he suddenly shouted his line, causing the actress to collapse behind the bar in laughter.

The Seinfeld alum answered Meyers' second question correctly too, which was about how Bruce transformed himself into Smart Hulk prior to the events of Avengers: Endgame.

“With… ease,” she said, hesitating. “He’s also Gamma radioactive.”

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It's true — Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk reveals during the 2019 film that he spent 18 months in the gamma lab in order to merge his brain with Hulk’s brawn to become Smart Hulk. And Louis-Dreyfus knows exactly how he did it, adding, "You have the Gamma rays, and they sort of lift you up, and give you a kind of brrrrrr and then you can transform much easier.”

After chugging several more shot concoctions, Meyers ended the segment by preparing for a nap on the bar floor. “Thank you for letting me come on your stupid show,” she told him as he began to laugh. “Don’t laugh, I mean it. It’s the stupidest show I’ve ever done in my life.” 

Watch Louis-Dreyfus and Meyers have a drink — and sing Northwestern's fight song together — in the clip above.

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