New Updates Just Made The PS5 And Xbox Series X/S A Little Better

Image: Microsoft / Sony / Kotaku
Image: Microsoft / Sony / Kotaku

Apparently it’s update day in the world of current-gen consoles. The PlayStation 5 is finally getting direct Discord integration and other improvements, while the Xbox Series X/S address dynamic background and Wi-Fi password frustrations. This is the lowkey console UX war we love to see.

Let’s start with PS5 since that’s what most people have (relax). Discord integration has begun rolling out across all consoles, meaning players will now be able to join their favorite server voice channels or group messages directly from inside the PlayStation UI. It’s super nifty for things like cross-play and also everyone whose social life isn’t based around their cumbersome PlayStation friends network. You can also now share console profiles directly online. Nifty! Here’s the rest of what was in today’s update:

Now onto Xbox Series X/S, which I also own and use everyday. Previewed earlier this year, the changes include an update for dynamic backgrounds so that you can now choose both your favorite moving image and the option to have each game’s art fill up the background when toggling over it. Another really nice change is the addition of 10 stored Wi-Fi connections. Now if you’re traveling with your console or bringing it to a friend’s house, you won’tneed to mess around with the network settings a bunch.

But my favorite new feature is the ability to manage your subscriptions directly from the settings menus. That makes it a lot easier to turn off Game Pass when there’s nothing new worth checking out or you’re too busy with another release or TV series to make use of it. Here’s everything else that was mentioned in today’s Xbox update:

In addition to reducing disconnects for Xbox peripherals (which I’ve struggled a lot with lately for some reason), it’s also nice to see mouse and keyboard support now available across the cloud gaming library, as well as the option to manage cloud saves from within the app on Samsung TVs and mobile to avoid automatically overwriting important data. Perfect for when Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer is streaming Baldur’s Gate III on his patio by the grill.

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