Uem Sunrise Unveils Product Series, Happy+ To Cater To Homebuyers’ Lifestyle Needs

Uem Sunrise Unveils Product Series, Happy+ To Cater To Homebuyers’ Lifestyle Needs
Uem Sunrise Unveils Product Series, Happy+ To Cater To Homebuyers’ Lifestyle Needs

UEM Sunrise Berhad (“UEM Sunrise” or the “Company”), has unveiled Happy+, a residential product series which segments its products into five categories; catering to homebuyers with varying lifestyles and life-stage needs, delivering a more streamlined customer experience and implement innovative product features into its future products moving forward.

“Our hope is that Happy+ will form an identifiable DNA of our products and allow our customers to find the right products that meet their individual needs. This initiative came from extensive research and years of understanding our customers’ behaviour,” said UEM Sunrise Chief Executive Officer Sufian Abdullah.

From its KASIH Series to the luxurious LUXE Collection, the Company aspires to cater to the various lifestyle needs and life-stage demands of its customers and future homebuyers, guiding them and making it more straightforward for them to identify a specific one based on their preferences for their dream home.

KASIH Series

UEM Sunrise’s starter homes programme focuses on encouraging community-centric lifestyles in line with the Government’s initiative to help Malaysians realise their dreams of home ownership.

RISE Series

Designed as flexible and agile spaces able to shape and shift to suit the homebuyers’ lifestyle with limitless value propositions. These attainable homes embody practical living with an environment that exudes simplicity, recreation, and convenience.

NEST Series

These multi-generational oriented homes put family first. Designed for the ultimate comfort of everyone in the family, the NEST Series offers nurturing and secure environments, complimented by well-designed functional gardens and parks with recreational facilities.

CLUB Edition

These passionately curated residences are part of a beautifully designed hospitality inspired environment offering high-end features emphasizing prestigious resort living.

LUXE Collection

UEM Sunrise’s most luxurious series showcases its ambitions and vision as space creators, designers, and property developer. These unique and exquisite products emphasis crafted sophisticated and privileged living – created especially for an appreciation of the finer things in life.

“Happy+ was conceived from our core design DNA to anticipate our customer’s needs, complementing their different lifestyles and life-stages. Concurrently, we are constantly finding ways to enhance customer-centricity, help future homebuyers on their journey to own their dream homes and explore innovative designs in such ways that even our customers did not know they needed them. Happy+ marks our commitment towards these goals,” said UEM Sunrise Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Wong.

New UEM Sunrise developments will carry its Happy+ DNA starting this year, starting with THE MINH, as it will be the first residence under the CLUB Edition, with more to come in the coming year.