Surface Duo owners will love this Gmail feature

 Gmail spanning on Surface Duo 2.
Gmail spanning on Surface Duo 2.

What you need to know

  • Google is shipping several features to its Google Workspace apps.

  • The features are designed to make it easier to use these apps, including Gmail on tablets and foldable phones.

  • It's now possible to open a link or attachment on Gmail's native app side-by-side with an email on tablets and foldable phones.

  • Opening YouTube or Google Doc links will directly to the corresponding app on the other half of the screen.

Google recently announced a host of features shipping to its Google Workspace apps. The new features will essentially make it easier to use easier to these platforms on tablets and foldable phones.

Foldable phones are quickly gaining popularity among users, mainly because of their functionality and multitasking capabilities. They also double up as great substitutes for PCs, especially when one is on the move. While the large-screen real estate on these devices is an added bonus, it may, at times, not provide the practicality that the user requires.

The new features will help fix this issue, according to a spot by Android Central. For instance, it's now possible for Gmail users to open links or attachments side-by-side with an email. According to Google, once you click on an attachment or link, the screen on your tablet or foldable is automatically split into two.

The split-screen view feature is essentially designed to boost productivity for users by allowing users to open and view links on the same app rather than redirecting them to a corresponding app. However, another report by 9to5Google indicates that YouTube and Google Docs links will launch in their corresponding apps.

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It's reminiscent of Microsoft Edge's Split Screen feature

Split Screen feature in Microsoft Edge
Split Screen feature in Microsoft Edge

As you might already be aware, Microsoft's Chromium browser, Edge, ships with a similar feature dubbed Split Screen. It essentially serves the same purpose as the new feature in Gmail, only that it's browser-based.

Recently, we've seen Microsoft ship a couple of neat functionalities to the feature, including the capability to drag and drop a tab to open it alongside another webpage and vertical layout.

Google also shipped a neat feature to Gmail users that allow them to respond to emails using emoji reactions. However, the downside to this addition is that it's exclusive to Gmail users. An attempt to use this feature while responding to an email from an Outlook user won't work. Instead, the emoji reaction is sent as a standard email.