NYT Strands today — hints, spangram and answers for game #118 (Saturday, June 29 2024)

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Need a bit of help with NYT Strands today? Today's puzzle theme — "It's way over your head" — requires you to think literally, but shouldn't cause too many problems once you've figured it out.

Below, we've compiled some useful hints for Strands #118, as well as the answers, should it come to that. We'll start off with some clues, before building up to the full answer for Strands #118, so read on if you need a little help.

Warning: Spoilers lie ahead for Strands #118.  

Today's NYT Strands answer — Today's theme and hints

The official theme for NYT Strands #118 is... "It's way over your head".

And here's an unofficial hint from me: "Reach for the stars!"

If you're still in the dark, here are some useful words to give you those valuable clue tokens:



  • SAND

  • CRAM




Still struggling? The spangram will give you a hint about the connection word. Today, it starts with 'O' and ends with 'E'.

Scroll down to find out what it is...


Today's Strands answers

So, what are today's Strands answers for game #118?

Drumroll, please...




  • MOON



Strands #118
Strands #118

...and the spangram was OUTERSPACE

Strands #118

“It's way over your head”



Hi Strands fans. Another simple one today, if you're used to how the game frames clues. The 'X' on the left-hand side certainly helped too: when I figured out it was part of GALAXY, I confirmed that the theme of "It's way over your head" refers to space-themed answers.

PLANET, ASTEROID and MOON really neatly completed the bottom four rows without any overspill into the top half. I don't think I've seen that before!

Netting those four together meant that I was ready to tackle the spangram, which made things a bit more difficult than usual by wrapping around itself after it touched the opposite side of the board. Still, I'd already spotted "SPACE", so it was just a case of popping a word in front, in this case "OUTER" to form OUTERSPACE.

That long spangram left only two and a bit rows to fish for my final two answers. I found COMET tucked away in the top-right corner, which just left me to unravel SATELLITE backwards to complete the puzzle.

Yesterday's Strands answers

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