Netflix users praise Outer Banks for ‘pulling them back in’ with ‘shocking’ reveal

Netflix viewers have been left blindsided by a revelation in its latest chart-topping series.

Subscribers have been watching the teen adventure show Outer Banks in their millions since the release of the third season on 23 February.

The show, created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke , is set in North Carolina, following tro groups of teenagers as they hunt for lost treaure.

While fans have been left entertained by the acclaimed new episodes, they’re expressing disbelief over a plot twist too far.

In the final episode, the group are approahced by man who is impressed with their treasure hunting skills, and offers them a captain’s log he’d like them to investigate.

“I need partners and you were all first on my list,” the mysterious figure tells them.

When asked who the book, and the treasure they’d be hunting, belonged to, the man responds: “Edward Teach... Blackbeard.”

Blackbeard is the real-life figure from the 18600s, who is most known for having treasure worth $12.5m.

@BBurrowsII wrote of the “shocking” moment: “Just when I thought I wasted the last 10hrs of my life watching Outer Banks, they drop Blackbeard’s name in the final seconds and now I’m hooked for next season.”

Meanwhile, @HeyBraan added: “When I first heard Netflix renewed Outer Banks for season 4 I just didn’t think I could take any more. But then they drop it’s about Blackbeard’s treasure at the end of season 3 ?!?!?!”

Tom Key in the ‘Outer Banks’ season three finale (Netflix)
Tom Key in the ‘Outer Banks’ season three finale (Netflix)

@NauthanGones said: “Just as I start to get bored with Outer Banks they pull me right back in…”

Outer Banks is available to stream on Netflix.