What Is Neptune Retrograde? All About Its Meaning and When It Occurs

Neptune retrograde will occur from July 2 until Dec. 7. Read on for a deeper meaning behind the cosmic event

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Neptune Retrograde

In astrology, the planet Neptune is said to oversee our dreams, creativity, illusions, romance and divinity. It's also the planet of mysticism, our subconscious and the keeper of our deep desires.

Unlike Mercury, which causes sheer chaos when it goes retrograde because of its fast movement, the effects of Neptune's retrograde might be harder to spot, as the planet is slower and takes longer — 165 years to be exact — to orbit the sun and, subsequently, impact the zodiac.

Read on to find out more about Neptune retrograde and what it means for you.

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What is Neptune retrograde?

Because Neptune is in charge of our illusions and delusions when the planet goes retrograde, we're forced to face reality — for better or worse. "At this time, the veil covering our eyes will fall, allowing us to see things and people for who and what they are," astrologist Lisa Stardust reveals.

"We may have a wake-up call" she says, which means you're due for a dose of reality and you'll need to "find a balance between the fantasy [you've] been living and real life."

When is Neptune retrograde in 2024?

Neptune retrograde takes place from July 2 until Dec. 7. The planet will also be retrograde in the water sign Pisces, its home sign.

Who will be affected by Neptune retrograde?

Though no one will be spared from the effects of Neptune retrograde, mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces — will feel the charge a bit more. Below are some things for each sign to consider during the period, according to Stardust:

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Gemini: Ever the social butterflies, Geminis tend not to have any issues in the love and friendship arenas. However, it might be time to be a little bit more strategic in your professional life. "There may be confusion about the endgame in what you're looking to attain professionally," advises Stardust. "Take time to feel your way through the energy."

Virgo: When it comes to romance, perfectionist Virgo might do well to remember that "perfection" is an illusion. "Love may be confusing since you're having harsh realities hit your relationship," says Stardust. "Try to work through these issues to enhance your connection."

Sagittarius: These sun signs are notorious for being the explorers in the zodiac, however, they are also quite emotionally astute and Neptune retrograde might be the time to tend to that side of themselves a bit more. "You may be looking for a spiritual connection to keep you grounded and to strengthen your emotional base," says Stardust.

Pisces: As Neptune's home sign, Pisces — who are the dreamers, mystics and empaths of the zodiac — may have an especially challenging time navigating the space. "You may feel lost in the haze," urges Stardust, "But that's why it’s important to heal past trauma and wounds to navigate through the energy."

What should you be focusing on during Neptune retrograde?

Because much is going to come to the surface during Neptune retrograde, the goal is to make sure that you maintain your own standards with the people around you.

"The focus should be on setting boundaries and cleansing our aura," Lisa Stardust tells PEOPLE. "We need to use this time to implement limits and structures in relationships and in our lives overall."

What should you manifest during Neptune retrograde?

Though the disillusionment may shake you up, Neptune retrograde also allows you to take some inventory and figure out the areas you need to improve upon. "This is a great time to heal, meditate, and connect with ourselves," says Stardust. "Manifesting confidence is key because it lets us take charge of our lives and be good to ourselves."

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Which crystals are good for Neptune retrograde?

To help you navigate Neptune retrograde, consider keeping crystals such as blue kyanite, which is said to open psychic portals; labradorite, which increases intuition; amethyst which is believed to be great for energetic protection and celestite which can be helpful for dream work. 

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