‘The Invitation’ Star Nathalie Emmanuel Shares the Secret to a Perfect American Accent (Video)

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“The Invitation” stars Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty know how tough it can be to make a horror movie – the long nights, constant state of fear and, surprisingly, the pressure to deliver a spot-on American accent.

Emmanuel stars in “The Invitation” as a young woman named Evie, who takes a trip to Europe and soon discovers that she is being wooed – not to be someone’s wife but to be one of the wives … of Dracula himself (Thomas Doherty). (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) What makes “The Invitation” so refreshing is that it reinvents Bram Stoker’s Dracula mythology through the lens of one of his wives, who are mostly seen (in other adaptations) as sexy femme fatales, usually occupying some musty pit in Dracula’s castle.

TheWrap sat down with Emmanuel and Doherty to talk about the film, where they revealed their favorite Dracula adaptations (“Bram Stoker’s Dracula” from Francis Ford Coppola rightfully gets a hearty endorsement) and Emmanuel lets us in on how she crafted a flawless American accent. If anyone can explain the “toothbrush trick” Doherty refers to, we’d be eternally grateful.

“The Invitation” is in theaters everywhere, if you want to get a little jump on spooky season.

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