‘A Friend of the Family’: Real-Life Victim Jan Broberg to Appear in Peacock’s Season Finale (Exclusive Video)

The real Jan Broberg cameos in the finale of Peacock’s “A Friend of the Family,” which premieres Thursday, Nov. 10. She plays a therapist counseling Mckenna Grace, who plays a younger version of Jan who’s still unshakably loyal to her abductor and abuser Robert “B” Berchtold (Jake Lacy).

In the clip, Grace tells the therapist she doesn’t understand why her parents (played by Anna Paquin and Colin Hanks) are so mad at “B,” as she and Berchtold had “equal responsibility” in his crimes.

The series is based on the Broberg family’s own jaw-dropping true story of how Jan was abducted at age 12 and again at 14 by a close family friend, who convinced the young girl that they were engaged in an important mission to save an alien race and protect her own family.

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The adult Jan and her mother Mary Ann, who co-wrote the memoir “Stolen Innocence,” were both producers on the nine-episode series from “The Act” writer/producer Nick Antosca. Jan and Mary Ann wrote the book “Stolen Innocence.”

Jan Broberg, along with her mother and sister, will also appear in the Peacock documentary, “A Friend of the Family: True Evil,” which debuts on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Watch the exclusive clip in the video above.

All other episodes of “A Friend of the Family” are currently streaming on Peacock.

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