Fortnite Is Giving Away Pickle Rick For Free, Cursing Us All

A bunch of Fortnite players stand on the roof. Also, Pickle Rick.
A bunch of Fortnite players stand on the roof. Also, Pickle Rick.

Rick and Morty is a massively popular series. Every time I have to accept this reality, it’s like having to confront my own mortality. It’s surreal, it’s vaguely unpleasant, but I’m a better person for it afterwards (I think). Anyway, here’s how to get Pickle Rick as a cosmetic in Fortnite.

Starting from today, you can complete Horde Rush Quests for battle pass experience points. Once you’ve finished up eight quests, you can unlock the Pickle Rick back bling for free. Some of these quests are as simple as hitting a specific score, damaging cube monsters, or opening chests. Here’s the full list of quests (thanks, GameSpot!). Remember, you only have to complete eight of the nine.

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Collect score multipliers (20) - 20,000 XP

Deal melee damage to Cube Monster spawners (6,000) - 20,000 XP

Earn 2,000,000 combined team points - 20,000 XP

Earn a team score of at least 350,000 XP in a single match - 20,000 XP

Earn a x50 KO streak - 20,000 XP

Eliminate Cube Monsters (500) - 20,000 XP

Eliminate ranged Cube Monsters with Sideways weapons (100) - 20,000 XP

Get headshots on Cube Monsters in a single match (70) - 20,000 XP

Open chests in Horde Rush mode (45) - 20,000 XP

Horde Rush is a limited-time game mode where players work with their friends to defeat waves of monsters. After completing three Encounters, they’ll fight a final boss together. The goal is to rack up as many points as you can, which can be easier if you pick up score multipliers on the map. This season of Horde Rush comes with Zero Build, which is great news for folks who don’t want to think about resource gathering and building entire houses while they’re trying to have a shootout.

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Once you’ve done all this, you can join the ranks of 13 year-old boys who find nothing but joy in the existence of Pickle Rick, the meme that never starts giving.

Horde Rush quests will be available until November 15, so don’t procrastinate if you want this pickle man.

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