Fewer children for celebrity entrepreneur Aliff Syukri as wife has complications in sixth pregnancy

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 — He has never made his desire to have 10 children a secret.

But it looks like celebrity millionaire entrepreneur Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman’s dream of fathering more children has to be put on the backburner.

His wife, Datin Seri Nur Shahida Mohd Rashid, is currently pregnant with their sixth child and Aliff says there is a good chance that this will be their last, mStar reported.

Unlike her previous pregnancies, Nur Shahida, who is in her seventh month of pregnancy suffers from placenta praevia, a condition in which the placenta partially or wholly blocks the neck of the uterus thus interfering with normal delivery of a baby.

So far, Nur Shahida has suffered from bleeding more than six times. The last time it happened, she was hospitalised and the couple expected the worst.

“I was shocked, we’re talking about at least a bowlful of blood,” said Aliff.

“She never suffered from bleeding in her previous pregnancies.”

Thankfully, she and the baby are fine but there has been a change of plans as to the number of children the couple want to have — from 10 to six.

Although he remains hopeful for the future, for now Aliff cannot bear to watch his wife in pain.

“The condition makes her weak, even taking 10 steps is hard for her. She’s been in a wheelchair for the past two months, that’s how weak she is.”

The couple, who tied the knot 16 years ago in 2007, already have six children — Ammar Ahyan, Qadejah El Zahra, Ibraheem Adham, Yusoff Al Qardawi and Raudah Arshiyah and Ameena, who is adopted.

Aliff admitted that they are reluctant to adopt more children because of the problems they’ve encountered before.

He said that some biological parents want their children back after the children receive public attention for being part of their adoptive family, with some even making threats and demanding for money.

“So, to avoid all that, adding more biological children to our brood instead of adopting makes sense.”