Eight-year-old steals the show with his dance moves at elementary Christmas concert

An eight-year-old student stole the show at his elementary school Christmas concert after his dance moves went viral, garnering millions of views.

“I just started dancing,” Jaden Williams, from Menlo Park in the Bay Area of California, told KGO-TV. “I was feeling the vibe.”

The concert, a clip of which has received more than millions of views on Instagram, took place shortly before school ended for winter break.

“I was so excited to do that,” Jaden told KGO about the performance. “I would tell Miss Harrington, my music teacher, ‘When is the concert going to start?’ I was so happy.”

“His classmate’s mother actually posted it on her Instagram and it kind of took off, and she had tagged tag my wife to it,” Jaden’s father Kirk Williams told the local TV station. “It just started going viral from there.”

“He’s been like that since he started walking, and we got to have a lot of parties here at the house, always a lot of music going on,” Mr Williams said of his son’s dancing skills. “Everywhere we go – friends’ houses, parties, weddings – he’s always grabbed the centre of attention.”

Jaden’s mother, Yanira Williams, responded to negative comments on Instagram, writing: “I’ve read the comments and for those that think Jaden is selfish or not respectful to his classmates you don’t know Jaden.”

“He has a kind soul, full of joy, and embraces all of his classmates everyday at school. His personality is big, which is an understatement like his father; Kirk! I wish all of you happy holidays and love!” she added.

Jaden’s favourite football team, the San Francisco 49ers, shared their approval, commenting “Ok Jaden!! We see you!”

The eight-year-old was later invited to perform during the 49ers game against the Washington Commanders during the fourth quarter on Saturday, KGO reported.

Jaden Williams, 8, dances on stage during a San Francisco 49ers game (Screenshot / ABC7)
Jaden Williams, 8, dances on stage during a San Francisco 49ers game (Screenshot / ABC7)