Eclipse Season 2023 Ends With a Powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

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Your Horoscope for the Full Moon in TaurusGetty/Margie Rischiotto

Full Moons are a time for releasing and relinquishing. If you have an excess in your life, this is the time for it to go down the drain. Through silent meditation, exchanging of thoughts, or spiritual practice, Full Moons are a point when we can let go.

October’s Full Moon in Taurus is an astrological hint to reminisce about how much you’ve grown. Following Western astrology, these new and complete Moon guides are monthly reminders to set and review your intentions. Your horoscope is a rudimentary prompt for self-reflection.

Don't you just adore those moments when you confidently think you've got it all figured out, only to publicly stumble and stutter your way into embarrassment? We've all been there, babe, and it's a humbling experience. But here's the twist—everything truly does happen for a reason. I know, it might sound like something New Age hippies say to console themselves after a blunder, but bear with me. Sometimes, there's genuine wisdom in this philosophy. Take, for instance, the times when you've put your foot in your mouth, and the awkwardness is palpable. It's a nudge from the universe, encouraging you to pause and reflect on how you got there. This isn't about pointing fingers at your parents or college professors for not preparing you for the "real world." It's about showing yourself some compassion because, let's face it, we're all wonderfully human.

Recognize that often, the reason you find yourself in a cringe-worthy situation is because you've prioritized comfort over reality. The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, which is exact on October 28 at 4:47 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, serves as a gentle reality check. It could stir up emotions like anger or betrayal. Instead of venting those feelings on unsuspecting folks, grab a journal and dig deep. This lunar event creates an opposition to the Sun in the enigmatic and secretive Scorpio. Now more than ever, it's the perfect time to practice speaking less and contemplating the motivations behind your words. After all, who ever regretted thinking before they speak?

Read your horoscopes based on your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Read for your Sun sign to gain insight based on the version of yourself that you’re maturing into, your Rising sign to reflect on your present state, and your Moon sign for guidance on how to nurture your inner child. If you find your horoscope helpful, please share it and tag me on social media @MonishaHolmes.

Your Horoscope for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus


Aries, just when you thought your values were the pinnacle of perfection, life throws you a curveball. Having standards is commendable but they aren't etched in stone. Don't be too hard on yourself if things don't go your way and resist the urge to point fingers. Sometimes, things simply end without clear reasons.


Dear Taurus, wisdom lies in setting your ego aside and placing trust in those around you. Yes, relinquishing control can be daunting, especially if you've experienced trauma or hurt. Healing often means relearning to trust not only others, but more importantly, yourself. Trusting those closest to you is a step towards trusting yourself again.


Gemini, not every gust of wind carries cosmic significance. Sometimes it's just a breeze caused by a nearby fan or by someone being a nuisance. The point here is to stay grounded in the tangible world—what you can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Rushing to conclusions may lead to more harm than good.


Cancer, as much as you yearn to socialize and celebrate your friends, this Full Moon urges you to shift focus to your personal projects and passions. I'm not suggesting you dive into work or career obsessively; quite the opposite. Use this Full Moon as an opportunity to play and experiment without any agenda. Have fun and let your creativity flow freely.


Leo, it can be tough to bd farewell to someone or something you know needs to go. It could be a cherished object, a lucky charm, or even a friend or roommate with whom you shared great experiences. Take a moment to celebrate the impact they had on your life and make room for what's yet to come. Instead of seeking new connections, cherish the memories.


Virgo, there's no need to be the all-knowing sage all the time. During this Full Moon, avoid overthinking and intellectualizing your emotions. While you may believe you have it all figured out, this lunar phase might reveal the world's complexity. What makes sense to adults may not make sense to children. Keep an open mind and embrace simplicity.


Libra, even though you might be tempted to compromise your values and explore what others are into, now is the time to stand resolute. People might raise an eyebrow or label you as a bit too traditional for their taste, but you know your worth. It's better to be remembered as iconic than to follow the crowd for the sake of a passing trend. Embrace your uniqueness and release the desire to conform.


Scorpio, this is your moment to revel in being authentically yourself. While your friends might be chasing thrills or indulging in luxury vacations, you're savoring the joy of missing out. It's the perfect time to focus on conserving, saving, and smart investments. Don't fret; your time to shine is on the horizon, and you might just save or earn a few extra dollars while having fun.


Sagittarius, you understand the importance of listening to your inner voice and following your intuition. As a wise soul, you know that your inner sense of knowing rarely speaks twice. Do yourself a favor and pay attention. Avoid getting lost in the chaotic bustle of everyday life. Even if something appears ignorable, if your gut says it matters, then heed its call.


Capricorn, it's time to delve into your true net worth, and I don't mean in the financial sense. I'm talking about the network of people who enhance your value. Consider getting involved in community-centric organizations or exclusive clubs with a purpose. The more you engage with intention, the more seriously you'll be taken.


Aquarius, you're in it for the long haul, my friend. While the pull of home and emotional attachment might tempt you to stay put, if you've been monitoring the housing market and sense it's time to spread your wings, take flight. Think about where you want to establish your legacy and how you want to be remembered. Where will your next LinkedIn photo be taken?


Pisces, there's no better time to find your coziest spot at home, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and savor a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Make yourself truly comfortable. Enhance your life by delving into the pages of a captivating book that's been calling to you. Demystify something that's intrigued you for a while. A book filled with hidden knowledge is the perfect escape.

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