This dog is literally Dark Souls' Sif in real life

 The Dodo
The Dodo

It turns out Sif from Dark Souls has a real-life counterpart: a dog called Pinto Bean.

As first uncovered by The Dodo in the video below, there's a dog out there in the world that actually loves fighting with a real sword. This dog is Pinto Bean, a lovely canine companion who, after watching hours upon hours of her owners staging mock sword battles, decided to pick up a weapon and have a go herself.

This thing goes absolutely batshit wild the moment it gets a sword. It's less 'style' with Pinto Bean's swordplay and more 'all out attack,' as the dog whips its head back and forth to try and just batter her foes with her sword, rather than deftly outmanoeuvring them.

It's weird to note Pinto Bean only properly goes after people with her sword if they have a sword too. Sure, she'll rush just about anyone when she's got a dagger or some other blade in her mouth, but it's only when someone else faces off against her with a sword that she knows it's time for a proper battle.

"She must’ve been a medieval Knight in her previous life" says one YouTube comment that really hits the nail on the head. "She’s literally the real world version of Zacian from Pokémon Sword and Shield! So precious," writes another commenter that brings to light another excellent comparison for Pinto Bean.

I'd honestly love to know if Pinto Bean's owners have ever heard of Sif from Dark Souls. Chances are Anna and Luke probably haven't, but someone should probably mention that the internet loves their dog because she reminds them all of a dog they were forced to sadly kill in a video game over a decade ago.

This can't help but make us think of that one poodle that could've been mistaken for Pokemon's Arcanine, as you do.