Crockett defends Biden: It’s annoying ‘that Democrats get into a frenzy’

Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas) on Saturday defended President Biden amid concerns about his shaky debate performance Thursday night.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, Crockett painted the general election as a choice between good and evil and said “there is no better man” than the incumbent president.

“I don’t really care if he was off for 90 minutes and didn’t put on like people wanted him to put on. The reality is that he is 50,000 times better than Trump, and Republicans will not leave Trump, and he has 34 felony convictions, and still got over 50 pending,” Crockett said, referring to the dozens of charges looming in three criminal indictments against former President Trump.

Crockett also blasted some fellow Democrats for reacting so strongly to Biden’s shaky debate performance Thursday night and discussing the possibility of replacing him at the top of the ticket. She also noted Biden has never been a strong speaker, as she defended his character and record.

“It is so wild to me, and it’s been quite annoying if I’m going to be perfectly honest, that Democrats get into a frenzy. I mean, it is almost like we are scared of our shadow sometimes,” Crockett said. “And I think it is because we understand the stakes.

“And everybody’s saying, ‘We’ve got to have the best of the best,’ and let me tell you something: There is no better heart, there is no better man, and, honestly, when it comes down to being an orator, that’s never been who Joe Biden has been,” she added.

She sharply criticized Trump’s debate performance, blasting him for taking credit for lowering insulin prices.

Crockett tried to assuage concerns by presenting the race as a clear choice.

“This is about all of us. So if people want to be honest with themselves, what they needs to do is look at which team delivers for you. If you are happy about the dollars that are flowing into your community because of the infrastructure, because of the chips and science bill, because of the reduction in the cost of insulin — that was due to the Democrats,” Crockett said.

“It is time to choose yourself and figure out which team is riding with you,” she continued. “If you want more of the chaos that we have seen out of this House, that is all you are going to get, times three, if you decide to go with Donald Trump, because he is loud and wrong.”

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