You can connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to this incredible laptop and turn it into a second notebook — could that be the game changing feature that finally makes Android tablets useful?

 Samsung Galaxy smartphone held in hand with blurry background.
Samsung Galaxy smartphone held in hand with blurry background.

Fujitsu Lifebook's could offer a lifeline for Android users, enabling them to connect a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and essentially turn it into an additional notebook.

Android tablets have typically been criticized due to exorbitant costs and a lack of frequent updates compared to market competitors. User interface issues are also a major stickler among many users.

The Fujitsu Lifebook NH Series, however, offers users the ability to connect a Samsung device and take multitasking to the next level.

Samsung DeX

The laptop already offers basic functionalities, such as the ability to use a computer screen as a display. Users can also connect games consoles or digital cameras, as well as the ability to switch between an external screen and the input screen.

There is a caveat here for Samsung users, however. To unlock the ability to connect their smartphone, DeX will be required to port the device to the laptop.

DeX is a handy tool that allows users to connect Samsung devices to a PC or a Mac device directly through a monitor. It’s a highly popular practice among those looking to supercharge productivity and get the most of increasingly powerful smartphones.

Luckily this process is straightforward, but we’ve outlined how you can do this anyway.

In this instance, you’ll first need to download the DeX app on your Fujitsu laptop.

From there, you can open the DeX PC app and connect your smartphone to the device. This is typically done with a USB cable.

From there on, your smartphone will connect to your computer and the DeX interface will appear, allowing you to seamlessly switch between both devices and get the best of both worlds.

Fujitsu Lifebook NH Series

There’s more to the Fujitsu Lifebook NH Series than this handy feature. The laptop is equipped with a large 17.3 inch LCD screen.

The device is also rather compact with a slick narrow frame, meaning it won’t take up too much space on your desk when you’re combining this with your given Samsung device.

It also offers a novel AI noise canceling function, which allows users to select two specific modes depending on their location. This includes the ability to only pick up the voices of people around you, or the ability to cut that noise out completely.

This feature applies to both built-in speakers, as well as external headsets.

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