‘The Bear’ Season 3 Features Some Major Celeb Cameos Including One Big Name Playing a Fak

“the bear” — “tomorrow” — season 3, episode 1 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured molly gordon as claire cr fx
All the Major Celeb Cameos in ‘The Bear’ Season 3FX

There's a lot of things you can count on when watching The Bear and that is some good eats, some good tears and laughs, and some good and jaw dropping guest stars. And trust us when we say that they absolutely delivered on all three in their third season. With some brand new storylines unfolding, there were plenty of places where new faces got to come and play, as well as some old ones that made an appearance here or two. And one of them definitely made us scream a bit when we saw him play a Fak. So ready to see who is a part of this giant season?

Here are all the big guest stars in season 3 of The Bear.

*Spoiler alert for some of the info below!*

Josh Hartnett as Frank

Josh might not be a teen heartthrob anymore, but he is certainly still looking good in this new season of The Bear. He plays Frank, Tiffany's fiancé who has a good relationship with Richie despite how awkward things are between them.

the bear

John Cena as Sammy Fak

As a matter of Fak, that is the one and only John Cena in this season of The Bear. He fits in perfectly into the Fak family as he tries to help and make sure the restaurant look good for the photographer who is coming in.

john cena in the bear

Brian Koppelman as Nicholas "The Computer" Marshall

The Billions creator made quite an appearance as The Computer AKA the guy who is brought in by Uncle Jimmy to try to figure out The Bear's finances. There's a heated moment between him and Sugar as he tries to the restaurant that may surprise you.

brian koppelman in the bear

David Zayas as David

He is not actually playing himself, but he might as well be. David Zayas is not only Liza Colón-Zayas husband IRL, but he is now playing Tina's husband on the show as we see a flashback on Tina's life.

“the bear” — “napkins” — season 3, episode 6 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured l r liza colón zayas as tina, david zayas as davis cr fx

Molly Gordon as Claire

That's right, Claire Bear is back! Although you're going to have to see for yourself if things work out between her and Carmy after the explosive season 2 finale.

“the bear” — “tomorrow” — season 3, episode 1 airs thursday, june 27th — pictured molly gordon as claire cr fx

John Mulaney as Cousin Steven

Oh, Cousin Steve. After meeting him in Forks, we finally get to see him again in the first episode of season 3 as Carmy lives out of his and Michelle's couch in NYC. Sadly, no Sarah Paulson sighting this season, but at least we get a several sweet glimpses of John Mulaney placing a blanket over Jeremy Allen White and that is good enough trade (for now).

the bear — “fishes” — season 2, episode 6 airs thursday, june 22nd pictured l r sarah paulson as cousin michelle, john mulaney as cousin steven cr chuck hodesfx
FX/Chuck Hodes

Joel McHale as Chef David Fields

We finally got to meet the one and only David Fields, Carmy's previous boss who made him really question whether or not this was what we wanted to do. Now he's back...like really back which may or may not be a good thing for Carmy has he launches his own place.

joel mchale as nyc chef in fx's the bear

Jamie Lee Curtis as Donna “Dee Dee” Berzatto

Fresh off her Oscar win, Jamie Lee Curtis gives us another unforgettable performances as Dee Dee. This time she is now supporting one of her kids in an unexpected way and trust us when we say that they should just give her the Emmy already.

jamie lee curtis as diane in fx's the bear

Jon Bernthal as Michael

The Berzatto family all appears again this season as we learn more about Michael and the past history of The Beef. He plays a larger part this season especially in episode six as we finally find out more about how he first met Tina.

the bear — “fishes” — season 2, episode 6 airs thursday, june 22nd pictured l r chris witaske as pete, jon bernthal as michael cr chuck hodesfx
Chuck Hodes/FX

Gillian Jacobs as Tiffany

Tiffany is back and we're also seeing more of her current relationship with Richie as they continue to co-parent together. She is also planning her wedding to Frank and we even get to hear more of her favorite Taylor songs this season.

gillian jacobs as tiffany in fx's the bear

Will Poulter as Luca

Luca helped Marcus hone his skills when he was over in Copenhagen and now we're seeing him in a whole new light this season as he interacts with his fellow chefs in a variety of ways. We even get to see more of how him and Carmy became so close in this wild world and what he's up to now.

“the bear” — “honeydew” — season 2, episode 4 airs thursday, june 22nd pictured l r will poulter as luca, lionel boyce as marcus cr chuck hodesfx
Chuck Hodes

Oliva Colman as Chef Terry

Considering her always busy filming schedule, it was a fun surprise to see Olivia Colman back for another season of the series as Chef Terry. We get to see her in some of the major flashback moments, but also in the present day as she makes a big decision about her restaurant.

olivia coleman as cheff terry in fx's the bear

Robert Townsend as Emmanuel

Our favorite TV father is back as him and Sydney continue to share a space together. Whether this arrangement still works out for the two of them still remains to be seen, but at least it makes for some very interesting moments between Sydney and her dad.

robert townsend as emmanuel in fx's the bear

Sarah Ramos as Jessica

As we say goodbye to Ever, Sarah is back as Jessica for the place's final meal and it looks like her and Richie have stayed in touch.

sarah ramos as jessica in fx's the bear

Andrew Lopez as Garrett

Garrett is sporting a slightly different look as we see him again over at Ever for their final meal.

andrew lopez as garrett and rene gube as the gm of ever

Rene Gube as the GM of Ever

The Bear writer and producer is back again as the mysterious Ever GM with no official name.

andrew lopez as garrett and rene gube as the gm of ever

Adam Shapiro as Ever's Chef de Cuisine Adam Shapiro

In this new season, we finally learn that his name is also Adam Shapiro, which at least makes things less confusing. But he also presents a big proposal to Syd that will certainly shake things up for next season.

adam shapiro as ever chef de cuisine in fx's the bear

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