Alif Satar not worried about the backlash against "Pulau"

20 Jan – Alif Satar is not worried at all over the backlash against his upcoming new movie, "Pulau", seeing that he is not the one involved in filming any of the steamy scenes in the movie.

The actor, who was asked about the controversy recently, admitted that he is nervous about cinemagoers' reaction, though relieved that he is not a part of any of those controversial scenes.

"I'm happy that the director Euho understands. He knows me and know which scenes are more suitable for me," he said, adding that the director would ask of his opinion during filming, especially if such a scene is involved.

"Throughout filming, we would always have a discussion to ensure that the scenes are not too controversial, which is why those scenes that could spark issues with Muslim viewers are being performed by non-Muslims," he said.

Alif, who revealed that he got the job by undergoing a casting process (something that he never had to do before), stated that the producers are planning to distribute the movie globally, which is why it stars actors of multiple races.

The movie, which co-stars Amelia Henderson, Nam Ron, Wan Hanafi Su, Ikmal Amry, Sanjna Suri, Joey Leong, Mark O'Dea, Sabronzo and famous influencer Pui Yi among others.


British influencer Mark O'Dea also stars in 'Pulau'
British influencer Mark O'Dea also stars in 'Pulau'



Let's not forget Pui Yi too


(Photo Source: PulauMovie IG, Pui Yi IG, Mark O'Dea IG)