Zuraida: Areas only need one disinfection, MoH to decide if more needed

Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin
A Fire and Rescue personnel sprays disinfectant in Kampung Baru to curb spread of Covid-19 in Kuala Lumpur March 31, 2020. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — The Housing and Local Government Ministry will monitor Covid-19 infection rates and consult the Health Ministry before deciding if a second round of disinfection operations is required, said Zuraida Kamaruddin.

The minister said current operating procedures require the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) to disinfect places listed by the Health Ministry only once.

“We will see the reading of the areas if there are many more incidents involving Covid-19.

“(If the numbers increase) then maybe we will have to disinfect (the area) again if not there is no need for now,” she said at the Bomba headquarters in Putrajaya this evening.

Zuraida was attending an event there that saw one million rubber gloves donated to Bomba by the Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry, meant for the front liners in their fight to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

A recording of her comments from the event was made available to Malay Mail.

She said the gloves would assist the department in its efforts.

“So far we have covered and conducted disinfection operations in 85 areas, and there will be more covered during this week.

“So for sure this contribution of one million gloves will be useful to Bomba, and also save the government from spending, as these gloves are used during our sanitisation exercises,” she said.

Disinfection operations began this week at several locations around the city, with Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Bomba among those tasked to carry out the exercises amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Zuraida added that disinfection operations would first be done in areas marked as red and orange Covid-19 zones before other zones are considered.

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