Zozo reboots its spotted body-measuring suit

A futuristic body-measuring suit is getting a reboot in Japan.

The Zozosuit made a splash when it first hit the fashion scene two years ago.

It's littered with white dots that act as markers when you scan it with a smartphone.

An app reads and uploads data from shoulder width to leg length, meaning shoppers can order custom-made clothing without ever having to visit a tailor.

But the concept fizzled.

Online retailer Zozo says people ordered the suit but didn't use it

Customers complained about slow delivery times and clothes that didn't fit well.

Zozo has since been sold to the big Japanese conglomerate, SoftBank.

And they've brought back the Zozosuit with a massive upgrade.

"So the new Zozo suit, Zozosuit 2 has 20,000 fiducial markers compared to the 400 of the old one. And so 50X resolution is one. Another one is we have improved algorithms. So we had lots of scans with the older suit, we've learned from that, we have brand new algorithms and body models that we use," said Masahiro Ito, Zozo's chief operating officer.

The company is aiming to get the Zozosuit 2 ready to ship within a year.

Meanwhile, SoftBank is looking to take Zozo's technology even further, eyeing partnerships in other industries from fitness to healthcare where customers are looking for a perfect fit.