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Price drop! This Lululemon-inspired belt bag just hit $17: 'Wallet is now safe and secure'

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ICYMI: People are obsessed with the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. It’s super cute, super convenient and super hard to get your hands on — it sells out regularly, and even when it's in stock, it’s pricey. Lucky for us, Amazon has a terrific alternative — the Zorfin Belt Bag. And right now you can get it on sale for as little as $17.


Zorfin Belt Bag

$17$25Save $8
This nylon fanny pack is a storage workhorse: It has four zipper pockets and three credit card slots. Choose from 56 colors.
$17 at Amazon

Let’s just call it what it is: a fanny pack. It has an adjustable nylon strap attached to a nylon pouch that you can wear around your waist or comfortably across your chest as a crossbody bag — and it's mighty cute. It's a great pick for an outdoor event or a leisurely walk around the neighborhood.

It's also perfect for travel as it offers a hands-free way to store all of your essentials. You can rest easy knowing you're less likely to encounter a pickpocket situation on your trip if you keep your valuables safely secured in this belt bag. It has over 8,100 five-star ratings; everyone from travelers to everyday wearers are impressed by how it stacks up to the Lululemon hip pack.

“I wanted the yellow Lululemon ‘Everywhere Belt Bag’ but didn’t want to spend $50 on it,” wrote a savvy shopper. “I think I may actually like the shape and styling of this bag better though. I put my iPhone 8, a pair of gloves, a wallet, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a pack of wet wipes and a few more small items in the main pockets just fine with room to spare.”

three belt bags on a colorful background
Over 8,000 five-star ratings and only $17? Yes, please! (Photo: Amazon)

This fanny pack is compact, with dimensions of 7.08 x 5.11 x 2.36 inches — it’s about the size of a Kindle, so it can carry essentials like your phone, keys and lipstick. Shoppers like to pull it out when they want a bag that lets them can carry a few things securely.

"Wallet is now safe and secure," says a happy customer. "Great replacement for carrying a handbag. I love this fanny pack! I am pretty picky with my handbags, so I was apprehensive about this little bag. My main reason for getting this was to have a safe place for my wallet, phone, keys etc. when running errands. Unfortunately, a trend is becoming the norm of people stealing wallets from handbags while shopping. I now feel very comfortable knowing my things are secure. Also, it really holds a lot."

Another reviewer writes: "I use it every single day. It’s silky smooth as it looks. There’s been a string of people grabbing purses from people putting groceries in the car in my area. This fits right up against my shirt. That way I don’t put a purse down when loading groceries or paying for things at the store. (Hands free all day). It will fit any phone and what you need for the day... This pack has three compartments in the front. Makes getting to my phone, wallet and keys so so easy. Zippers are wonderful, gliding to open and close. I would recommend this for anyone who’s worried about their purse possibly being taken."

the brown bag holding various essentials
No need for a big purse; this hip pack holds all your essentials. (Photo: Amazon)

For travelers, this bag has been a trip-saver, and they've continued to use it long after they returned from vacation.

“Not going back to a crossbody purse,” a five-star fan wrote. “I got this for our vacation and it was perfect. My phone fit easily in there along with cash/cards/earbuds. It was perfect for the airport and plane. I wore it crossbody style and it hit right above my hip. Everything was super accessible and comfortable on my neck and shoulders. And now that I'm home I am still using it! ... Now I just grab this little bag with all the essentials and run my errands. No more digging through my purse, all the essentials are super convenient.”

"Bought for travel — now use every day!" said another shopper who gave the bag five stars. "It’s cute but most importantly to me, it’s functional! Love this for traveling so I feel secure knowing my cards/wallet/keys/phone/important papers etc. are right there, literally strapped to my chest. After initially using it for a trip, I ditched my purse and use this for day-to-day errands and activities. It holds what I need for that: phone, (small, folding) wallet, keys, pen, chapstick, lipgloss/lipstick and honestly I could fit more but I don’t need to. Definitely a fan!"

Those who have already snapped up this bag can’t stop wearing it. If you’re using it constantly, it’s bound to pick up a little grime and fall victim to spills — but it’s made of nylon and it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.

“Used it every day for the last month as a crossbody,” shared a rave reviewer. “Super comfy and durable, made really well. Easy to clean.”


Zorfin Belt Bag

$17$21Save $4
Shoppers can't stop wearing the roomy fanny pack!
$17 at Amazon

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