Zookeeper pets alligator he's looking after at home during lockdown

A zookeeper has struck up such a close bond with an alligator that it swims over when he calls its name - then pats on the snout. Taweechai Kosakun has been caring for the reptile on his own after the zoo had to close due to coronavirus restrictions temporarily. The reptile lover took several alligators home with him to keep in various pools in his garden. But 'Harry', as seen in the video, is his favourite. Footage shows Taweechai playing with the alligator at his home in Phuket, southern Thailand, on Friday morning (May 8). The two-year-old alligator named Harry appeared to be docile towards him as it swam to be petted by the manager, who is now taking care of 37 alligators. Taweechai said he is planning to open an alligator farm after the Covid-19 pandemic passes. He added: "I helped the zoo by taking the young alligators back to my properties to care for them while the zoo is closed due to the pandemic. "Perhaps after the pandemic is gone I will open an alligator farm breeding from these young alligators I am rearing."