Zoo animals cool down with water sprinklers in India

STORY: Tigers, elephants, leopards and other animals were seen seeking sanctuary from the scorching sun under sprinklers, tree shades and in ponds.

We have arranged water sprinklers for carnivore animals and for the elephants, we are providing relief through water sprinklers and ponds, said Range Officer, Harpal Singh on Sunday (June 12).

Meanwhile, locals in Amritsar city distributed free refreshing beverages to the public, which felt like a small relief for the passersby.

Since March, people in India have faced near continuous heat well above 40℃. Nearly a hundred people are estimated to have died from the extreme heat, which is also affecting harvests, causing forest fires and power blackouts.

Scientists have linked the early onset of an intense summer to climate change, and say more than a billion people in India and neighbouring Pakistan were in some way vulnerable to the extreme heat.

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