Zoe Tay feels the man is 'head of the household': 'He still needs to lead'

The actress plays a high-powered career woman on her new show, My One and Only, but says she's nothing like her character.

Zoe Tay thinks that men should be the head of the household. (Photo: Instagram/zoetay10)
Zoe Tay thinks that men should be the head of the household. (Photo: Instagram/zoetay10)

While there are many trying to break down traditional gender norms and expectations these days, there are others who still subscribe to it.

Take, for instance, our local Ah Jie, Zoe Tay (one of Yahoo Southeast Asia's most-searched celebs in 2022).

During a video interview with 8world (published 8 June) for her upcoming long-form drama My One and Only, 55-year-old Tay spoke about the differences between herself and her character.

On the show, Tay plays a high-powered career woman who runs a business. Despite her ‘Ah-Jie’ status though, she doesn’t think of herself in the same light.

She told 8world, “I’m not this powerful woman. I also don’t have the concept of running my own business.”

Tay also thought that being too dominant wouldn't be good for the relationship between husband and wife.

“I think the man is, after all, the head of the household. He still needs to lead,” she added.

The veteran actress explained that the duties of the household are shared so the man can take of “external” responsibilities while the woman manages the “internal” ones.

As for her co-star Brandon Wong, who plays her husband on the show, he joked that he holds a “low” position in his household.

“Actually, it’s not as bad as in the show,” Wong, 51, admitted. “In real life, my wife and I discuss things but of course, I accommodate the kids and wife on a lot of things. After all, I think that a man should have strong shoulders to carry the responsibilities of taking care of his wife and kids and making them happy.”

He said, “I’ll accommodate them where I can but I do share my opinions.”

My One and Only also stars Elvin Ng, in his first return to a local drama since 2021, and Ya Hui (who was the victim of a TikTok hack).

The show is slated to air in July.

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