Take a zipline to see California poppy fields

STORY: Location: Lake Elsinore, California

Take a zipline to get a bird's-eye view of these blooming orange poppy fields

A viral ‘super bloom’ in 2019 brought thousands of visitors, damaging the flowers

This year, trails on this hill are closed to the public to protect wild poppies

The zipline alternative has you 200 feet in the air

[Tara Irvine, Zipliner]

“As you can see it's amazing. It's absolutely beautiful. And with the closures, you know, this is one opportunity that, you know, people can get to actually come and see them up close and personal without actually, you know, stepping all over them.”

There's also a way to see them without leaving home

[Natasha Johnson, Lake Elsinore Mayor]

“When we all decided that we were going to close, we knew we needed to provide an alternative. So immediately we put up our live webcam that you can view the bloom on our website, which is great. And currently we're working on having a drone experience where we're going to take you up the trail and walk it and then provide that as someone who would like to experience it virtually.”